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High Class Episode 12: Release Date, Preview & Recap

High Class
High Class cr: tvN

Fans are excitedly waiting for the release of High Class Episode 12. With the recent happenings, the audience is bewildered and has no idea what might happen next. For those who don’t know, High Class is an ongoing South Korean TV Series. With Song Yeo Wool discovering the secret room, what will happen next? Is her husband alive? These are just a few of the many questions that have been giving fans sleepless nights. The mystery storyline of this drama is so gripping that you will find yourself replaying each and every scene for a hint. Additionally, High Class gives us a deep dive into the lives of the filthy rich. It is about how behind their pretty clothes and enormous houses, they hide dark secrets and crime. Furthermore, High Class revolves around Song Yeo Wool.

Her life goes upside down when her husband dies, and she becomes the main suspect. Later, she receives an invitation to teach her son at a prestigious International school in Jeju Island. There she meets three women who will change the course of her life. This amazing drama is directed by the talented Ashburn. Previously, Ashburn has blessed us with amazing dramas like Missing 9 and Angry Mom. Apart from the intriguing storyline, the cast of the suspense drama High Class will steal your heart. Additionally, it is a multi-female kdrama which is always a good thing. The main cast includes Cho Yeo Jung from the oscar-winning movie Parasite, Kim Jee Soo from 365: Repeat The Year, Park Se Jin from Hyena, Ha Joon from Crazy LOve, and the beautiful Gong Hyun Joo from Graceful Family.

In this article, we will tell you all that you need to know about High Class Episode 12. Everything from High Class Episode 12 Release date to what to expect will be mentioned here.

High Class Episode 12 Release Date

High Class Episode 12 release date is October 12. Furthermore, the release date of this mystery-filled episode of High Class falls on a Tuesday. So, clear your schedules to watch what will Song Yeo Wool do next.  High Class primarily focuses on the lives of five characters. Song Yeo Wool, Danny Oh, Nam Ji Sun, Hwang Na Yoon, and Cha Do Young. It brings all these complex and opposite five characters together and ties them to a murder. So far, fans were only speculating that Song Yeo Wool’s husband is actually alive. But after the shocking discovery in the previous episode, it is clear that he is alive. Furthermore, this plot twists had fans screaming into their pillows. The previous episodes of High Class served as a treat for the shippers.

High Class 12 Release Date

Yeo Wool and her child cr: tvN

We love to watch the back and forth between Song Yeo Wool and Danny Oh. It will be very exciting to see what High Class Episode 12 has in store for us. Also, make sure to mark your calendars for High Class Episode 12 release date!

Where to Watch High Class Episode 12?

You can watch High Class Episode 12 on tvN. Additionally, tvN is the original broadcasting network of High Class. Furthermore, this mystery-filled drama has taken up the 22:30 time slot according to Korean Standard Time on tvN. Fans are in awe of the cast, who are so convincing in their roles that we laugh in their joy and cry in their sorrow. You will also be left dazed by the beauty of Jeju Island and the spectacular costumes and sets in this drama. Kudos to the production companies, H World Production, and Production H, for doing an amazing job. Moreover, High Class consists of a total of sixteen suspenseful episodes.

Where to Watch High Class Episode 12?

High Class cr:tvN

Two new and exciting episodes of the drama are released every week on Monday and Tuesday. High Class first premiered on September 6 and will continue to provide us with awesome suspense-filled episodes till October 6. Moreover, each episode of this drama has a run time of one hour and ten minutes. So make sure you clear your schedule so that you can enjoy the episodes properly.  If you are an International viewer and want to watch this drama, you might have to wait a while. Currently, High Class is not being aired on any online streaming platforms.

What to Expect?

One thing that you can surely expect from High Class Episode 12 is a big reveal. Judging by the preview of episode 13, it is finally time for Song Yeo Wool to discover that her husband is alive. Also, with Hwang Na Yoon becoming the chairwomen, Song Yeo Wool feels belittled. Fans are going crazy on Social Medial platforms as their theories are coming true. It seems like everyone is shocked and enjoying the intense storyline of the drama. As proof to this statement, High Class broke its own peak viewership rating record of 4.37% and gained a 5.1% nationwide rating. Fans believe that Yi Chan will probably break down and tell his mother that he saw his father. On the other hand, it seems that the police have discovered Danny OH’s true identity. The drama keeps getting better with each passing episode.

What to Expect From High Class Episode 12

High Class cr:tvN

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