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High Class Episode 11: Release Date, Preview, & Recap

High Class Recap
High Class cr:tvN

High Class Episode 11 will soon be releasing, and fans cannot wait to watch it. After the painful cliffhanger that the previous episode left us on, our brains are buzzing with questions. Who showed up at the house at night? Who is the person inside the secret room? These are just a few of the gazillion questions that fans have in mind. For those of you who are not aware, High Class is a South Korean cable television drama. Furthermore, High Class is yet another spectacular addition to mystery kdramas like Law School, Penthouse, and Mine. This drama revolves around Song Yeo Wool, whose life heads southwards when her husband dies, and she becomes the prime suspect.

After receiving an invitation from a prestigious school in Jeju Island, she moves there with her son. As the story unfolds, we discover the lies and hypocrisies that are hidden behind the picture-perfect life of the High Class. This drama is the masterpiece of the talented director Ashbun. His most popular works include Missing 9, Angry Mom, and When A Man’s In Love. High Class gives a behind the scenes into the lives of the three most influential women in Jeju Island. Many fans already added this drama to their must-watch list after they saw the super talented cast. Furthermore, the main cast includes Cho Yeo Jung from the oscar-winning movie Parasite, Kim Jee Soo from 365: Repeat The Year, Park Se Jin from Hyena, Gong Hyun Joo from Graceful Family.

In this article, we will tell you all that you need to know about High-Class Episode 11. Everything from the release date, where to watch, and what went down in the previous episode.

High Class Episode 11 Release Date

High Class Episode 11 release date is on October 11. Furthermore, this release falls on a Monday. The previous episode of High Class left fans shocked beyond belief. The scene where Song Yeo Wool and Danny Oh discover the secret room was mind-blowing. Furthermore, fans really love the fact that the High Class is full of powerful women. However, the mind-blowing twist that made fans go crazy was Hwang Na Yoon becoming the Chairwoman of the foundation. Seeing her walk through the halls with everyone bowing to her in respect was such an iconic moment. Furthermore, High Class releases two new and exciting episodes each week on Mondays and Tuesdays. Although fans of High Class are still not over the shock of discovering the secret room with CCTV’s, they are desperately waiting for the High Class Episode 11 release date.

High Class Episode 11 Release Date

High Class cr:tvN

So make sure to mark your calendars for the High Class Episode 11 Release Date!

Watch High Class Episode 11 – Streaming Details

You can watch High Class Episode 11 on tvN. Furthermore, tvN is the original broadcasting network for High Class. Many fans are amazed by the beautiful sets and the beauty of Jeju Island that was captured in this drama. The production companies, H World Pictures and Production H, deserve a standing ovation for the splendid production and truly making the drama high class. High Class Episode 11 will air at the 22:30 time slot according to Korean Standard Time. This time slot was previously occupied by The Devil Judge, which was also a suspense thriller.  The previous episodes of High Class have really been setting the bar up high. This drama has been breaking its own viewership rating records day after day. Last week, the drama achieved a whopping 5.1% nationwide rating.

Where to Watch High Class Episode 11?

High Class cr:tvN

A huge reason behind this may be the ample amount of Song Yeo Wool and Danny Oh content that we have been getting recently. Sadly for International viewers, this mystery kdrama is currently not airing on any online streaming platforms. However, with its popularity soaring so high, it is just a matter of time before Netflix or Rakuten Viki pick up High Class.

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What Went On In The Previous Episodes?

The previous episodes of High Class were utter chaos but in the most high-class style. The chairwomen died, which led to Song Yeo Wool’s arrest. But she was out in no time as the detectives could not find any concrete evidence linking her to the murder. The highlight of the episode was definitely Song Yeo Wool contacting Danny Oh for help. Furthermore, after getting out of jail, she calls out Na Yoon for taking Yi Chan with her without the guardian’s consent. However, after Song Yeo Wool gets out of the police station, things become even more hectic. At night when it is raining outside, Yi Chan sees a man dressed in black inside the house and screams. Yeo Wool wakes up and rushes to him, but the figure is already gone by then.

High Class 11 Recap

Yeo Wool and her child cr: tvN

Strap yourself in because now comes the scarier part. Someone throws a stone and shatters the glass window at Yeo Wool’s house. After, Danny Oh claims that it was the housekeeper as he saw her watching the house. This scary incident put Yi Chan under shock, making him unable to speak. When the housekeeper is taken into custody, Yeo Wool discovers that she has served fifteen years in prison for murder and arson. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that she would cause any trouble again. While checking the hidden camera footage, Yeo Wool is sure that there was someone inside the house that night.  The key information that Yeo Wool discovers is that the housekeeper has a daughter and asks Danny Oh to look into it. Contrary to the advice she received, Yeo Wool refuses to register her husband’s death and move on. She informs Na Yoon about this decision.

When Na Yoon makes a fuss, Yeo Wool shuts her by saying she is the legal wife. Furthermore, while Yeo Wool is looking for her husband’s phone, she discovers that the phone seems to be ringing from behind a wall. When Danny Oh hears this, he tells her about a tracking device that he had installed on the phone earlier. This leads to them discovering the secret room, which consisted of the CCTV’s that were set up all around the house.

High Class is serving its fans some high-class plot twists, so do not miss out on High Class Episode 11!

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