My Hero Academia Chapter 180 Spoilers

My Hero Academia’s current arc has already started to interest fans a lot. For an arc that started off pretty slow, we’re now into the action part, and I think this might just be one of the best starts to an arc that we’ve got recently. My Hero Academia Chapter 180 can get all fans more excited. The creator said that we would get an arc that was going to more ‘school-like’ and that did upset quite a few fans, but I think the arc’s last few chapters have been amazing.

My Hero Academia Chapter 180 Spoiler

Last week, despite thinking that Midoriya was done for, I have new hope that we’ll see an even end to a great fight in the next chapter. Despite the love power up of Gentle Criminal, Midoriya is holding his own and even pushing him back. Using La Brava’s powers, Gentle was thought to be able to transform from someone who was being dominated, to someone who just one-shot Deku.

My Hero Academia Chapter 180

La Brava’s quirk is ‘Love’. She can grant tremendous powers to people she loves for a decent span of time. The stronger the love that she feels for them is, the stronger the person she loves gets. Since Gentle is one of those she loves, he was granted immense powers, and that was basically what Gentle’s Trump card was. Even though he manhandled Midoriya after that instance, we didn’t see Midoriya passing out.

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 180

Later Midoriya fought him on equal terms despite Gentle getting a powerup, and we’re almost at the end of their fight. Meanwhile, the Cultural Festival has now begun officially. Midoriya isn’t ready to give up and wants to fight Gentle and stop him at all costs. Will be able to do it? I highly doubt that. However, I do believe that Gentle and Midoriya will fight in the next chapter. We’ll see Midoriya going beyond his limits again.

So far, he can get 20% of One for All at short instances of time. This time, he may be able to use 25%, and maybe injure Gentle. I highly believe that Gentle will get to U.A because that is the whole point of this arc. I would love to see what he has planned. He doesn’t even look like a villain, and I highly doubt that he is. Anyway, we’re going to find out really what his true plan is real soon. The next chapter of My Hero Academia will be extremely interesting, and we’ll see the end to an incredible fight next week for sure.

What are your guesses for the next chapter of My Hero Academia? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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