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Here’s Why You Should Look Forward To Ribrianne’s New Transformation

There is no doubt that Ribrianne is one (or the most) hated characters in the Universal Survival arc. Universe 2 is very out of this world when you compare it to the other Universes in the Dragon Ball Super Multiverse. The whole bunch might be different, but it is well known how everybody hates Ribrianne the most.

It is funny how when Goku or other characters will have a new transformation, everyone loses their minds. However, when Ribrianne is going to have a new transformation, no one cares. I haven’t even seen a post in social media that says he/she is looking forward to Ribrianne’s new transformation.

It is kinda understandable, no one wants to see Ribrianne transform again, ever. The last time she transformed, he became a fat butterfly, or whatever you call it. DBS just emphasized that Ribrianne is a parody of magical girls in other animes.

But believe it or not, I am looking forward to this new Ribrianne transformation. It was seen in the last episode that she reverted back to Brianne de Chateau, and there is a reason why she did that. And the only reason that I can think of is Ribrianne is finally showing her real power.

It is possible that Ribrianne will have a huge character change in the next episode. Ribrianne has shown a wide range of facial expression so far in the Tournament of Power. Ribrianne doesn’t really have any achievement yet when you don’t count how she made Vegeta make this face. But her stale activity might end in the next episode.

It was seen that Android 18 was very shocked when Ribrianne is transforming. It is possible that Ribrianne’s power is beyond the normal and is actually a formidable foe to at least Gohan or the Androids. If Ribrianne is a Blue-level fighter, the Androids will surely have a hard time dealing with her. Goku was badly hurt because of his fight with Kefla. But seeing how powerful Goku is becoming, Ribrianne will play dirty and attack Goku. And someone from the Androids might get sacrificed if things get though.

Of course, there is a chance that Ribrianne might get eliminated and Universe 2 will get erased, but it is unlikely to happen next episode or the next. Episode 118 which is titled “Accelerating Drama: A Universe Disappears…!” might be talking about Universe 2 or Universe 6, who knows? But I do really hope that Ribiranne will finally transform into a being that looks like this.

Written by Keira Alexandria

My name is Keira Alexandria and I'm from the Philippines. I'm proud to say that I'm a hardcore anime fan. I have watched lots of anime and have read lots of manga. I mainly write about Dragon Ball Super. You can get in touch with me at

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