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Here’s Why Hidden Universe 4 Warriors Might Be Appearing Soon

The Universe 4 is known for its very unusual warriors. Master Roshi took out most of them before losing his stamina and nearly died. What is that one thing that separates them from other universes? Instead of relying on transformations which is how Universe 7 warriors fight, they are creative fighters who will use every advantage they can get to win the battle. And because of this, instead of many transformations, they have unique abilities that are not known to some popular universes.

Now that Roshi is out, the only smarty-ass characters left from Universe 7 are Piccolo and Frieza. I don’t really like relying into Frieza, but he might be a useful ally in fighting against Universe 4’s remaining warriors. He might know what it takes to defeat wicked individuals like him. He might actually try to cooperate with the Universe 7 guys.

What’s interesting about this Universe 4 warriors is that we have only seen eight out of their ten warriors. The remaining visible warriors is composed of a fat girl that wears a yellow shirt and the one with special thrusters on his back. We haven’t seen them in a while, but they are still kicking in the Tournament of Power.

The other warriors are insect-like creatures that are believed to be twins. Their names are Damom and Gamisarasu and they have special ability to manipulate their appearances. They are believed to be the reason why Quitela is still not worried even though Universe 4 only has four warriors left. The twins’ reveal might happen on the next episodes of Dragon Ball Super.

After Goku was defeated by Jiren and was engulfed by his own Spirit Bomb, warriors from other universes show their determination to survive. Universe 4 was one of the previewed warriors which were seen after the legendary fight. After Quitela’s scene, there was a scene with a mysterious sound in the background.

Quitela Dragon Ball Super
Quitela – Dragon Ball Super

Perhaps, this is a signal that Universe 4 will finally reveal their trump card in the Tournament of Power. Jiren is just too strong that Universe 4 will be forced to make decisions regarding their plans. Will they target Jiren directly? Maybe not, but this will be the perfect timing for their revelation as everyone is still in shock of Jiren’s power.

With this in mind, Quitela might plan to target Goku because he is still a major game player of the series, and he is weak at the moment. He can’t even fight when Frieza seem to threaten him (which might not actually happen.) But being a clever mouse, we might see something very shocking about Quitela and his hidden warriors in the next episode.


Complete Version of Ultra Instinct Has Already Been Revealed

Goku obtaining this new technique was ground breaking in the Dragon Ball Community! This new technique has single handed sparked so much speculation, debate, and theorizing on its own!

The biggest question surrounding this new Ultra Instinct technique Goku was able to obtain in the newest episode is “is the technique complete?”. Looking back on first releases of the picture of Goku sporting this new technique may hold the clues to this question..

If we all remember looking back to a couple of weeks before the two part episode was released, a picture was released by Toei of Goku using this new “Ultra Instinct” technique and it looks a little different than what we were shown in the episode.. Could that mean something, or did the animators decide to change something?

Seeing how episodes are done weeks, sometimes months in advance I believe nothing was changed in the episode and it was shown the way the writers meant it.

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