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How To Get The Controversial Fat Face Filter On TikTok?

Where does the "Fat Face" filter on TikTok comes from?
Where does the "Fat Face" filter on TikTok comes from?

2021 is turning out to be a year which is devoted to various TikTok trends. Just a few months ago, or you can say at the beginning of the year, people were obsessed with the “#nobeardfilter.” The filter became a very famous trend and gained huge popularity. There were other trends like Sea Shanties and the Silhouette challenge, which were among the most famous trends on TikTok. These trends have proved that making and following any trend on TikTok is the most difficult task. Thus every TikTok trend is not easy and is not everybody’s cup of coffee. 

Here comes another trend. From no bread filter to funny faces filter, there is another fire in the bush on TikTok. Currently, a very funniest trend on TikTok is becoming popular. Thanks to the person who started this trend which is making everyone laugh harder. The filter name is the “Fat Face” filter. Just like the “no beard” filter, the “fat face” filter also does not belong to TikTok. It is just getting famous on TikTok is the latest trend. 

The filter was trending even at the end of 2020. But it has again returned with more innovation and creativity. 

So, where does the filter comes from? Is it true that the filter and the trend are facing multiple controversies? 

Well, the Fat Face filter comes from an editing app which is called “FaceApp” 

The “Fat Face” is not at all a filter. You won’t find it on TikTok and neither on Snapchat nor Instagram. Unlike the no bread filter, which was found on Snapchat, the “Fat Face” filter comes from an editing app. That is the reason why this trend needs a lot of work and patience. 

Here is how you can become part of the “Fat Face” TikTok trend.

  • First of all, download the FaceApp filter from the app store.
  • As soon as you download the application, it would ask you to pay for the premium and proceed. But, you don’t have to pay for it as you can try the basic editing tools for free. Therefore, do not enter your card details. 
  • Take a beautiful picture of yourself or of the other person you want to try it on, and then upload it on FaceApp. 
  • In the bottom layer, you would find an option named “sizes.” Tap on it and then click on “big face.” 
  • after applying the above-mentioned steps, save the image.
  • Repeat the above-listed points 10 times and continuously save them on FaceApp.
How to use "Fat Face" filter?

People on TikTok are uploading at least 10 results, and so if you want to upload it more than 10 times, then it is your choice. After uploading it on TikTok, the TikTokers are featuring their results along with Beyoncé’s blockbuster track countdown.  

This humors filter has gained more than 210,000 views. The trend is continuing and is trending since April 2021. However, when something gets famous, it always comes under various controversies. The same is the case with the “Fat Face” filter. The latest TikTok trend is although getting famous, is facing backlashes from various TikTok users.

Why is the “Fat Face” filter facing backlashes?

Call it “Fat Face” filter or “Chubby Face” filter; this TikTok trend is trending because it is funniest of all. The filter was also trending last year, and back then, too; it had faced some backlashes at that time too. But as soon as the filter made a comeback this year, people have again started criticizing the filter. Therefore, the question arises that why people are indulging the filter under controversy. 

Many users think that the “Fat Face” filter promotes body image issues. Since people are finding a face getting fattier funny, it generates a question that “are people with fatty face funny?”. That is where the controversy is rising. Some users on TikTok also said that the trend promotes fatphobic nature. Many users posted a video of themselves while crying. In the video, users said that why is everyone afraid to have a fat face like them?

Last year too, the controversies raised when the “Chubby Face” filter was accidentally made available to UK TikTok users. Even at that time, a spokesperson from TikTok gave numerous clarifications. 

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