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Hell’s Kitchen Season 20 Episodes 17 and 18: Release Date & Recap

Hell’s Kitchen Season 20

Hell’s Kitchen season 20 has started airing, and we are about to see episodes 17 and 18. The reality TV show came out on Fox this year at the end of May. The head chef is, of course, Gordon Ramsay. The red team sous chef is Christina Wilson. We saw her win the tenth season. Next up, we have Jason Santos, who was the runner-up of the seventh season. He serves as the sous chef for the Blue team. Previously on the sixteenth episode of the show, we saw Megan as well as Trenton, who are prepping their team for the final service, which is left for all. All this while, we see that Christina, who happens to be a sous chef, comes in to warn Megan about how she is too nice.

On the other hand, we see that Trenton’s group is not quite happy with him. They think he is too bossy. Kiya and Brynn are the two most unhappy members of his team who are also under the pressure of not being able to make it to the finals. We see that the service is just about to start, but before that, Ramsay calls Megan and Trenton to meet with him. The trio is in the office of Gordon Ramsay. A new situation has arisen. Ramsay has found a bag of some substance that looks like drugs. He threatens the disqualification of the entire team who has brought the substance in.

Hell's Kitchen Season 20 Episode 17 and 18

A still from Hell’s Kitchen Season 20

When the entire atmosphere became tense, and every member was in shock, he revealed that everything he said about the drugs was a joke. This made everyone ease up a bit, and we saw some members even wipe off a bit of sweat. He handed Megan and Trenton their respective chef’s jackets. During service, we saw that everything was going perfectly fine. Until Victoria dragged on her crab cakes. We then saw Antonio bring in a risotto which was not cooked perfectly. There were some more disasters during entrées as we saw Josie arrive on the scene with a ribeye which was undercooked at first but then got overcooked. Megan was truly frustrated at this and replaced her position with Steve.

Hell’s Kitchen Season 20 Recap

More mess was caused when Brynn served her garnish too quickly, which forced Kiya to enter with the chicken way before it was actually ready. Trenton got too angry at the sight of Kiya bringing an undercooked chicken. Thus, he followed the blue team inside the pantry and gave them all a scolding. After a few mistakes here and there, we saw that both of the teams ended up having a great service in the end. It was already the time to announce a winner for the season, and Ramsay called in both the sous chef into his office and gave them instructions to stand in front of two doors.

Beforehand, he also provided the two chefs with immense support and appreciation for the hard work which they have done throughout. The door at which Trenton was standing opened, making him the winner of the season. Megan accepted her defeat with pride but was appreciated by Ramsay nevertheless. Now, if you are wondering about what will happen with the future of the series, here we have got you all covered.

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Hell’s Kitchen Season 20 Episodes 17 and 18 Release Date

Given the fact that season 20 has already announced a winner, there will be no further episodes. Yes, the 16th episode was the last one. We saw Trenton winning the competition. He has become the first male winner since we saw Scott Commings win back in season 12 of the show. The ending of the series was too emotional.

Trenton was obviously very happy with his win and thus, celebrated the victory in the most efficient way. He proposed to his girlfriend, who obviously said yes to the winner of Hell’s Kitchen Season 20. Thus, Hell’s Kitchen Season 20 Episodes 17 and 18 are not bound to happen. Now, there is no solid information regarding season 21 of the show, given the fact that this season has just ended for us.

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