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Hell’s Kitchen Season 20 Episode 12: Release Date & Spoilers

Spoilers For Hell's Kitchen Season 20 Episode 12

Hell’s Kitchen Season 20 Episode 12 will see Ramsay leveling up the competition for both teams. Well so far so good, we had some really great neck-to-neck battles which have made it hard to determine who might end up winning the whole thing. Furthermore, drama is expected and is quite evident and was at least on Josie’s side. It seems like that drama paid off for her and she had troubles trying to communicate in the recent episode. Ultimately the decision fell in the hands of teams to nominate and of course, Josie was the target.

In fact, throughout the recent episode, Josie had kept away from her team. It seemed like being with Blue Team made her comfortable the most. So when it comes to competition and games, there was a lack of support. The teamwork was evident on both sides, but it was Steve and Josie both failing in the process. Henceforth there were few bumps as well. So coming down to the question? Who went home this episode and who would grab the black jacket next week? Let’s find out.

Hell’s Kitchen Season 20 Episode 11 Recap

Previously on Hell’s Kitchen Season 20 Episode 12, we opened up with Josie’s ongoing drama with her own Red team. Post that we move to, today’s set up what seems like a movie theatre. After a documentary on Annual Blind Test, today’s challenge is to guess the most right ingredients by tasting them as you are blindfolded. The team with the most correct guesses wins. Also with every wrong answer, movie snacks come pouring on one of the teammates.

Events From Previous Episode That May Affect Hell's Kitchen Season 20 Episode 12

From Hell’s Kitchen Season 20

Both the teams keep a neck-to-neck competition until Round 3 which gives Team Blue its first point ahead. The points keep increasing for the side of Blue Team and they end up winning the competition as well as a VIP party bus to a bowling alley. For Red, well they need to clean everything up. For this Brynn using her punishment pass swaps places with Steve. As the Blue Team enjoys bowling, the drama around Sam builds upon the cleanup side of things.

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Post the partying as well as the cleanup, VIP guests Gabriel Iglesias and Melissa Joan Hart join the show. Both the team are up for making an impression on their side. Both the teams are having occasionally smooth and rocky processes. For twice in the row, both the teams gave a neck-to-neck competition and it will be little mistakes and leftovers that will determine the winner.

Ending For Hell's Kitchen Season 20 Episode 12Hell's Kitchen Season 20 Episode 11

Hell’s Kitchen Season 20 Featuring Josie

Before that, Gordon admires the leadership qualities of Megan and then asks her Kiya to discuss with their teams and put two names ahead. They chose to nominate Steve and Josie and the latter one ends up going home tonight. Josie is all tears and Ramsay says she had a heck of a journey over here. But there is a much-needed growth that was required for him to let her go ahead in the competition. So with that, we are down to 8 with stakes teased to get higher as we close to the finale.

Hell’s Kitchen Season 20 Episode 12 Release Date And Spoilers

Hell’s Kitchen Season 20 Episode 12 is releasing on August 30, 2021, and will air on Fox at 8 p.m. ET. We are expecting the show to carry on for more than 5-6 episodes before it wraps up its twentieth season. So expect a new episode for Hell’s Kitchen Season 20 following the twelfth every Monday. You can also watch Hell’s Kitchen Season 20 Episode 12 on Hulu and video-on-demand services of Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, VUDU, MSN, and YouTube TV.

Hell’s Kitchen Season 20 Episode 12 is titled,” All Hell Breaks Loose Summary”. The official synopsis of the episode says the show might be bringing a new level to the competition. Grabbing the likes of the legendary Black Jacket is more difficult than ever. But for the chefs who have everything sorted with themselves and their teammates, well for them it would be an easy job. At the same time, those struggling with their teammates may find it difficult on their side. How would it go down? Well we have to wait and watch it in Hell’s Kitchen Season 20 Episode 12

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