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Heels Season 1 Episode 5: Release Date, Recap & Spoilers

Heels season 1 started this year and is soon returning with its Episode 5. Michael Waldron has happily created this show for Starz. It came out on 15th August 2021 on the channel. The main story of the show focuses on two brothers who also rival each other. One of the brothers is dubbed as the heel in professional wrestling matches. The other one is called the face of a hero. He plays out the scripted matches. We see the camera following these characters as the two have a cold war against each other. They are fighting for the wrestling promotion which their late father has left them with. The duo also wants to attract national attention in a small town located in Georgia.

When the show started with episode 1, titled Kayfabe, we witnessed that Jack Spade has now become the owner of the Duffy Wrestling League. He is the person who rules inside of his wrestling ring and isn’t sorry for that. Although, his life outside of this ring is pretty chaotic. He has to fight for his family while having a healthy professional life. Later in the second episode, titled Dusty Finish, we see that all the wrestlers who go on tournaments at the Duffy Wrestling League have tension. They are worried about having fallout from the previous show.

Heels Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

On the other hand, we see that Jack is struggling to take a new direction and have a different narrative as well as the league. This happens after he gets a very charming offer from Charlie Gully from FWD. Then in the third episode, which is titled Cheap Heat, we saw Jack, who is trying to have more heat than there already is. He is enlisting the help of Ricky Rabies, who happens to be a wrestling veteran. Ace is coming back. Thus, he has set up a full house for a comeback match. Ace will now compete against Bobby Pin.

Heels Season 1 Episode 5

A still from Heels Season 1

In the most recent 4th episode of the series, we saw that Jack had been attacked by a house fire. Thus, his family decides to move in with Carol as well as Ace. This was the point where the two brothers had to just put all of their differences aside and work together for their family. They try to generate a Duffy Wrestling League promo in order to attract more members to their fanbase. This is all that we have seen on the show previously. Hereby, we shall start discussing the future of the show and everything that it holds for us.

Heels Season 1 Episode 5 Release Date & Where to Watch

Heels Season 1 Episode 5 will release on 12th September 2021. It is titled Swerve and will air on Starz at 9 PM as per Eastern Time. New episodes of the series drop out every week on Sundays. This is a cue for all the fans to be aware if you do not want to miss a single episode of the drama. Also, if you are looking forward to watching the show but do not know the possible streaming options, then we have got you covered.

The easiest way is by tuning in to Starz at the designated time slot along with the date which we have mentioned above. If you do not have a cable connection at home, then I suggest you hop over to the official website of Starz. Here, the episodes drop out in a bit after their original air on the network. Another possible way is through streaming the episode live on YouTube TV.

Heels Season 1 Episode 5 Spoilers

We have a lot going on in the show right now and even have some hints at what would happen in the next episode. If anyone feels uncomfortable while reading these spoilers, please feel free to skip this part. In Heels Season 1 Episode 5, we will witness a huge opportunity knock at the door of Duffy Wrestling League. The South Georgia State Fair wants to feature them at the fair of this year. Jack is responsible for closing the entire deal with the electric night of matches. We also see that Bill, as well as Ace and Crystal have their own ideas regarding the whole fair thing.

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