Heartland Season 12: Cast and Release Date Rumors and Updates

Heartland has had eleven seasons until now, and the most recent of these finished airing on April 8, 2018. The drama series has been renewed for its twelfth season. The show had already begun the production of the new season. However, the production of the 12th season was put on hold temporarily. There has been no news to as why the series has been put on hold. We will update you on the status accordingly.

Considering the hiatus, it is difficult to guess the release date of the series. If the production is delayed for a bit longer then the show will probably be out in fall 2019. But, if the production resumes earlier, we might have just the twelfth season in the summer. For now, we know that the new season will come out in 2019. There has been no news about the exact release date for the new season of Heartland.

According to the rumors floating around on the internet, Heartland Season 12 will be coming out in October 2019, but hey that’s just a rumor, we will get back to you with a confirmed release date.

Heartland Season 12

Moving onto the cast of the new season. The show will bring back the major characters for the upcoming season. So, here is the possible cast for season 12 —

Amber Marshall
Graham Wardle
Michelle Morgan
Chris Potter
Alisha Newton
Shaun Johnston
Jessica Steen
Kerry James
Gabriel Hogan
Nathaniel Arcand

Heartland is focused on the Bartlett-Fleming ranching family. The show follows the family as they stick together through thick and thin. The family is tasked with taking care of horses, which need to be treated. The announcement of the renewal was done in some style by CBS. Here is the statement —

“A lot of preparation is going on, at this moment, in order to get ready for the beginning of filming. There will be many pictures from set and a lot of info about the new season for everyone. But today there is one main message only, and that message is: Heartland will be back!”

CBS made it clear that they will be bringing back the show for a twelfth season. They also confirmed that all the main cast would be returning for the new season of Heartland.

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