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Healer Girl Episode 10 Release Date: Halloween – Masquerade – Butterfly!

healer girl episode 10
Healer Girl Episode 10

With the newest episode of Healer Girl giving us sweet moments of Master Ria and the girls bonding over headpats and major tasks at hand, fans are excited to see what Healer Girl Episode 10 will bring to the plethora of interesting episodes. This episode gave us brief but important bits from the past lives of Kana and Master Ria and another lovely new song to bless our ears with.

This time, we even got to see Master Ria struggle a bit as the surgery was a big one; and after this seemingly difficult task, episode 10 is all set to be about the fun and festivity of Halloween. The director of this episode was Ryoki Kamitsubo and the plot was written and storyboarded by Noboru Kimura and Yasuhiro Irie respectively.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about the upcoming adventures of our favorite trio that we can expect next Monday!

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Healer Girl Episode 9 Recap

The latest episode of Healer Girl was just released on 30 May 2022, and was titled “The Best Guarantee • Buy the CD”. It started off with a childhood memory that Kana recalls which led her to be interested in medicine. She remembered how a doctor had helped her feel better during a brief asthma attack when she was six years old. The incident had inspired her to become a doctor and the girls laugh at the various career aspirations young Kana had.


Healer Girl

The next scene is shifted to a discussion happening about an elderly patient who requires urgent surgery. The procedure is through a joint operation between the surgical and vocal treatment fields for which the three healer apprentices get excited as the patient specially requested their involvement. They later find out that the old patient is actually Dr. Noda – an old teacher who once taught their Master Ria.

In a brief moment, we also get to see Kana relate Dr. Noda to the old doctor who helped her out in the prologue we get to see before the episode.

Although the healer girls are worried about how they will perform Master Ria comforts them about how when something happens, their only option is to face it with whatever power they have. They prepare their sheets and train for the risky surgery of their master’s teacher and when the day finally comes, the cholecystectomy and enterectomy are carried out successfully due to the beautiful song of the healers.


Healer Girl

The song is a powerful but tiring one and Kana, Hibiki, and Reimi end up taking a break while Master Ria tackles the crucial parts of the disease. Although the surgery gets difficult to carry, with the final combined power of the healers, they manage to triumph over it. The medical surgeons realize the potential of the magic behind the healers’ voices and the episode ends with Shouko driving Ria, and the girls back while they dozed off to sleep after the tiring ritual.

We also get an ending scene of the girls conversing with each other over video calls and discussing their surgery of the day. Kana and Reimi’s various interests are discussed and the episode really cuts off with the wholesome banter.

Healer Girl Episode 10 Release Date

You can watch the upcoming episode, Healer Girl Episode 10, titled “Halloween • Masquerade • Butterfly!” on June  2022. From the short preview we got of the details, it seems as if this is a Halloween episode wherein the girls are deciding to do something special. This time, it seems like we would get to see more of Sonia as well, so stay tuned for the next installment!

Where To Watch Healer Girl Episode 10?

The next episode of Healer Girl will be available to watch on the popular anime streaming platform Crunchyroll. The latest episodes are available every Monday at 23:00 (JST).

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