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Preview: The Detective is Already Dead Episode 6

The Detective is Already Dead

The Legendary Detective and the Sidekick work together to save Yui from the Assasin Sniper that failed to kill her. Kimihiko managed to dive in time and protect Yui from getting shot. After saving Yui’s life, the trio went to another room and revealed that the Assasin Sniper was not targeting the volt but Yui. Let’s more about Legendary Detective, and the Sidekick in the lates episode of The Detective is Already Dead. The episode begins on the beach where Kimihiko and Sieta were still together as a family. That time the two had a daughter and went out for a family vacation on the beach.

Kimihiko reminds Siesta about their original purpose, and vacation is a cover for that purpose. Siesta asks Kimihiko what he is saying, and Kimihiko reminds her that they have to get hold of Emerald Tear and make some money since they are flat broke.  Siesta hit him with a ball and told him that he had become her servant for the rest of her life since he failed to dodge. Kimihiko replies that he caught him by surprise, and the penalties for that are too extreme.

She threw the ball and told him to hit her, and Kimihiko asks if the beach volleyball is supposed to be fun with only two of them. They both decided to ride the boat together, but Kimihiko struggles to row the ship alone as she sits and relaxes. Kimihiko realizes that he spent two years with Sietas, and now they are on the ocean. Siesta told him that if he feels like proposing, he can do it. Kimihiko replies that he was not planning to do that, and she must stop bragging about herself. Siesta told Kimihiko that they would set up a detective office somewhere one day.

Previously on The Detective is Already Dead Episode 5

The episode title is ”That Was Directed at One area In the Future.” The summer vacation passed by, and the crazy day-to-day life as the detective and sidekick continues. In the morning, the two find a corpse inside the church, and Sieta comments that it is the work of Cerberus. Kimihiko closes his nose since he can’t spell the blood of a dead person. Kimihiko asks if Cerberus is supposedly a Jack the Ripper type who’s recently emerged. Siesta agrees and reveals that it is a Codenamed Cerberus, the guard dog of the underworld. The rumors say the killer gobbles up human hearts.

The Detective is Already Dead

The Detective is Already Dead

The two met with that captain outside after finishing with the investigation. Kimihiko reminds the captain about no smoking, and she told her to take the cig. Kimihiko took the cig, and the captain tells the two that she is heading back to Japan. The two wonders why Fuubi troubled herself coming here. Fuubi replies that it is a temporary transfer and that it officially ended yesterday. Kimihiko comments that he has never heard of a personnel transfer. Fuubi told the two that she is leaving the rest of the work to them.

They must capture the modern-day second coming of Jack the Ripper for them. Fuubi sets off, and Kimihiko wonders what he has to do. Kimihiko holds Fubi’s lighter and comments that Fuubi told him that she gives it to him she will be quitting smoking. Siesta replies that Fuubi handed the most valuable possession. In the evening, Kimihiko confronts Cerberus: Jack the Ripper and finds that the guy turns into a wolf. Cerberus told Kimihiko that he is taking his heart. Siesta helps defeat Cerebus, but Kimihiko faces a biological weapon.

The Detective is Already Dead Episode 6 Release Date

The Detective is Already Dead Episode 6 release date is Sunday, 8 August 9:30 PM. The new episode of The Detective is Already Dead will release every Sunday. The Detective is Already Dead is at its peak since it is about to conclude the episode finale soon. Let’s take a look at The Detective is Already Dead Episode 6 preview below.

Where To Watch The Detective is Already Dead Episode 6?

You can watch The Detective is Already Dead Episode 6 online on Funimation and ANIPLUS. The Detective is Already Dead is available on its Twitter account, website, and other platforms. The latest episodes of The Detective is Already Dead are available on Funimation as soon as the anime releases; you can get The Detective is Already Dead episodes with English subtitles. Let’s meet next time after The Detective is Already Dead releases the latest episode. You can look at The Detective Is Already Dead Episode 5: Release Date, Preview, And Recap.

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