HBO Max Canceled Raised By The Wolves After Two Seasons

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Cancellation Of Raised By The Wolves By HBO Max
From The Official Trailer Of Raised By The Wolves

HBO Max has officially canceled Ridley Scott’s Raised By The Wolves after two successful seasons. The cancellation is still not much of a surprise as HBO Max is going through a number of big changes amidst the merger with Discovery. Created by Aaron Guzikowski, the show originally received positive and critical acclaim.

Talking about the cancellation of Raised By The Wolves, a statement from HBO Max stated that they won’t be proceeding with the third season. They thanked the stellar cast and crew. These included creators Aaron Guzikowski, Ridley Scott, David W. Zucker, and the entire team at Scott Free Productions. They thanked them for bringing the artistry and getting the fans invested in the storyline of Kepler-22B.

HBO Max Cancels Raised By The Wolves
From The Official Trailer Of Raised By The Wolves

Raised By The Wolves originally followed the story of two androids who left the Earth after a great war to relocate to the Planet Kepler 22-B. They had a task to rejuvenate the human species on the new planet. The androids also realized how controlling human beliefs would be difficult when it comes to religious differences.

The second season finale of Raised By The Wolves left us with a number of questions. From Grandmother possibly being evil to Lucius capturing Marcus. In order to crucify him on a magical tree that might have changed Marcus for good. The creators were keenly looking forward to the third season to answer the outcome of these events.

Abubakar Salim On Cancellation Of Raised By The Wolves: Is There Still A Hope?

Abubakar Salim, who dons the role of Father in the series, hasn’t lost hope for the show. He went to Twitter to mention that the recent shakeup at Warner has led many shows to stop mid-way without finishing their story.

Salim believes that there is still hope. They have a fully-fleshed storyline, good reviews, a great team, and most importantly a fanbase. He has also further stated that Scott Free and the creatives are pushing Raised By The Wolves to arrive on another platform after being canceled by HBO Max. Will Raised By The Wolves return is something time will tell.

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