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Hawkeye: First Look, Plot & Cast Updates

Hawkeye’s release date has recently been announced, and as all the Marvel fans might already know, is one of the most loved characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This time, the buzz is around him because we are getting a series on his solo adventure. This television miniseries has been created by Jonathan Igla. The show is supposed to air on Disney Plus every week at the time of its release. Hawkeye will establish itself as the fifth series, which is set in the MCU. It will also share its root with the films of the franchise. The events taking place in the upcoming show will unfold from after Avengers Endgame, that is, Phase Four. There is an ultimate blend of action as well as drama in store for us with this forthcoming series.

Actor Jeremy Renner is going to come back once again to reprise his role as Clint Barton from the film series. This time, we have an addition of actress Hailee Steinfeld who will reprise the role of Kate Bishop. Well, we all know how many years Hawkeye has spent being subjected to the Marvel jokes, but this miniseries is going to change all of that. As of right now, Clint has become more than just a guy who plays with arrows. He is now getting his own television series in the MCU, and we can not be more excited about it. Now, we see that Hawkeye has been given a release date. It is set to release just this fall of 2021, but more on that later.

Hawkeye Release Date Updated

A still from Hawkeye

Hawkeye Plot Details

After we have seen the Black Widow and the post-credit scenes from the film, it is confirmed that Hawkeye is going to be a masterpiece. All this while, there is little to no information regarding the plot of the forthcoming series on Disney Plus. But the obvious PR release has stated that this action series is going to pass the torch to Kate Bishop instead. Now, you guys might remember that the sales for Marvel Comics skyrocketed when Hawkeye was released. There were a group of fans all over the world who even declared that Hawkeye is their favorite character in the entire universe. If this series is pulling up designs from the comics, then we may guess that some stories might also be taken from the comics. Fans are hoping that the MCU’s Clint might actually have a cameo from Lucky the Pizza Dog.

Also, there is an obvious tie of Black Widow to this new series. The only thing the fans do not know about is how this plot will happen. As per the post-credit scenes of Black Widow, we saw that there was a mysterious Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine appearing beside Yelena Belova. This was beside the grave of Natasha Romanoff. Now, she asks whether Yelena wants to extract her share of revenge from the guy who is responsible for the death of Natasha. Thereafter, she shows Yelena a picture of Clint Barton. Now, it is the audience who understands how Clint never wanted her to die. He tried to save her till his last breath, but Natasha kept on insisting. Although, Yelena knows nothing about the whole incident and might want to harm the killer for it.

Hawkeye Release Date and Where to Watch

Hawkeye is scheduled to release on 24th November 2021. The episodes will start airing on Disney Plus. There is only one and legal way to watch the episodes, and that is from the platform mentioned above. We would also advise our readers to pay for the entertainment they are hoping to consume. Monthly plans for Disney Plus start for as low as 7.99 US dollars.

They even provide you with a free trial ahead of the plan. This plan can be canceled anytime before the billing period. You can also buy a yearly plan for 79.99 US dollars in the United States. By doing so, you will not only be able to watch Hawkeye but other Marvel shows and films along with a vast library of Disney’s original content. Black Widow, Loki, WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier are some of the Phase 4 MCU content which is available on Disney Plus right now.

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