7 Inosuke Hashibira Facts from Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba

Inosuke Facts Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer is one of the most popular anime on the planet, which created a huge impact on the anime world. The fight between demons and Demon Slayer corps intensifies as the anime progresses. There are many characters in Kimetsu no Yaiba who are unique in their own way. Whether they be Hashiras or some normal slayers, they all carry a purpose to live and for whom they can die. One of the characters is Inosuke, who is an extremely hyperactive demon slayer from team Tanjiro, has some unique facts which you might not know about. In this particular article, we will dig out all those facts. So let’s get started.

Demon Slayer is a Japanese manga-based anime written and illustrated by Koyoharu Gotouge. The story follows a young boy Tanjiro whose family got slaughtered by demons, and her sister turned into a half-demon. From that day, Tanjiro took a pledge to take down Muzan Kibustsuji and find a cure for his sister so that she could turn back to being a human. As the series progresses, Tanjiro makes several friends who assist him in defeating demons and fight alongside him. This was the basic synopsis of the main story. Now let’s head to the main topic as we discuss the top 7 facts about Inosuke Hashibira from Demon Slayer.

7. Inosuke doesn’t know how to socialize

One of the major facts about Inosuke is that he doesn’t know how to socialize with others. He is very much self-obsessed and sees others as weaker than himself. His character is somewhat matched with the bore, i.e., arrogant and hyperactive who doesn’t listen to others. But at the end of the day, he is caring who doesn’t show many emotions to the outer world.

Inosuke and Zenitsu arguing

6. There Is A Huge Similarity Between His Sub & Dub Actors

The actor who voiced Inosuke in Japanese is Yoshisugu Matsuoka, and his English voice actor is Bryce Papenbrook, who even voiced Eren Yaegar from Attack On Titans. Both the voice artists give vocals to Kirito from Sword Art Online, which is a coincidence in itself, and fans who watch Sword Art Online after watching Demon Slayer and Attack On Titans will definitely get surprised.

5. Creators Don’t Like His Wardrobe

As we discussed above, Inosuke is a hyperactive Demon Slayer. He always rips his clothes off whenever he gets excited, and that’s why the Official Outfit Team does not like him. It’s like a spill on their hard work. Some creators also suggest that Inosuke’s art style and wardrobe style should be changed a little bit.

Inosuke Facts
Inosuke and Tanjiro

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4. He Is Extremely Flexible

He is extremely flexible. Yes, We use the term Extreme because he can almost fold himself. This is a good thing in itself because it helps him to fight with powerful demons and evade their attack with his great physique. His strong muscles are another factor that plays a crucial role in fighting tough demons. You will see him doing workouts most of the time in anime as well as in Manga.

3. He Is An Exercise Freak

Even though most of us don’t like to work out because it’s tiresome, Inosuke saw exercising as the best way to become a better version of himself. Even most of the Hashira’s don’t like working out, but Inosuke is different. Even though he is an ordinary slayer, he outruns many slayers as well as Hashiras in stamina and tendency to do long workouts.


2. Inosuke Blinded Doma

Inosuke used his signature Beast breath technique to blind one of the Doma’s eyes. He received the hard kick from Doma but somehow managed to fight back and gave him the taste of his own medicine. Doma was the demon of the Upper moon 2 who gave tough competition to Demon Slayer Corps. Later Doma was defeated by Kanao and Inosuke as they managed to work together.

Inosuke Facts
Inosuke and Zenitsu

1. Doma Acknowledged Inosuke and Called Him Messed Up

In Entertainment District Arc, Doma, the upper moon 2 acknowledged Inosuke and called him messed up freak. The arc is the major event of Season 2 of Kimetsu no Yaiba. The story will revolve around Sound Hashira and will be adapted into eight episodes. The arc is the continuation of the original demon slayer series and the Mugen Train arc.


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