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Has Shiny Slugma Finally Arrived in Pokemon: GO?

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Pokemon Go is running for 5 years now. Every year it releases a new generation of Pokemon. Currently, Pokemon Go is in the generation 6 phase. Back in 2017, generation 2 arrived, and Slugma was one of the pokemon which came in generation 2. So it is in the game for quite a long time. Still, it hasn’t got a shiny version of itself. Why is that? We don’t know, probably but is it getting a shiny version now, Especially with the spotlight hour event in action? Let’s find out.

Spotlight Hour

All the news of a Shiny Slugma has come due to the Spotlight Hour event. On March 30, Pokemon started the Spotlight Hour event from 6 to 7 PM in everyone’s local time zone. Spotlight Hour is an event where a particular Pokemon appears more than often, and if you catch it during that hour, you get double the number of candies.

S0 in the latest Spotlight Hour event, Slugma was up for grab. Special attention towards Slugma made players think that finally, we will get a shiny version of Slugma after 4 long years of wait. Sadly, all the thoughts will just be thoughts and not turn into reality as there won’t be a shiny Slugma. It wasn’t in the event, and it won’t be in the near future too.

Slugma Pokemon Go

Shiny Pokemon

Shiny Pokemon is a special version of Pokemon, which appears shinier than the usual ones. For example, a Magikarp will appear yellowish with a shine rather than the usual orange color. Every Pokemon will have a different way of representing a shine on them. Shiny Pokemon don’t have an advantage in a battle, they don’t have extra hp, extra life, and any other special abilities. You can consider it as a skin for a Pokemon. Just like there are skins in fps games for guns, there is a shiny pokemon in Pokemon Go. Encountering a shiny pokemon is very rare in Pokemon Go, and usually, events like Spotlight Hour gives players a better chance of catching a shiny version of a Pokemon.

There isn’t any rule on which Pokemon will get a shiny version. Niantic releases a shiny version of any Pokemon they wish to. They do make an announcement if there are a few shiny Pokemon coming in at the same time. If anyone catches a shiny version of a Pokemon, he or she probably announces on forums or social media, and that’s how the news spreads.

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Shiny Pokemon Bulbasaur

Generation II Pokemon

As said above, Generation II Pokemon was released way back in 2017. There are a lot of Pokemon who came after 2017 and have received a shiny version. In Generation II, there are 3 Pokemon who don’t have a shiny version yet. Hoothoot, Spinarak, and Slugma are the three Pokemon who haven’t received a shiny version. There are a few more Pokemon in every generation who are not shiny yet.


So will we ever get a shiny version of Slugma? It is a very tough question to answer. There are reasons to give it, and there are not. Slugma’s evolution i.e. Magcargo, was the only fire plus rock type Pokemon in the game until Colossal arrived in the game with Pokemon Sword and Shield. So this does make Slugma a little unique, and being unique deserves a shiny version, doesn’t it?.

On the other hand, Slugma isn’t one of ‘the most popular Pokemon in the game, so the hype to catch it may be less than the ones like Typhloshion and Tyranitar. Also, it has been 4 years since the launch of Generation II, and the developers will obviously focus on the newer Pokemon and the ones which are more popular among the masses. So that gives a reason not to release a shiny version of Slugma as it feels too late to do it. All we can do is keep hoping. We never know what surprise the developers may drop at what time. Maybe in a future event that is based on the Johto region or a Fire-type Pokemon-based event, we may finally see a shiny Slugma.

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Are you also one of the players waiting for a shiny Slugma to appear randomly in the wilds? Or you don’t care about the shiny Pokemon as they don’t give you any value apart from a different color? Do let us know about your preference and other thoughts on shiny Pokemon in the comments down below.