Has Netflix Renewed Extracurricular For A Season 2?

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Extracurricular Season 2

The South Korean teen K-drama series, ‘Extracurricular,’ was one of the top ten most-watched Korean dramas on Netflix in 2020, which ended up spreading its wings in the international market as well. The viewers have indeed been amazed at the distinct narrative approach of the series, along with the dark and unpredictable chills, the presence of grey characters, and the power struggle between the morals. However, a large section of the viewers have been left disturbed with the cliffhanger ending and have been waiting for the show makers to greenlight a second season where they can get all their answers. If you want to know about the whereabouts of Extracurricular Season 2, its cast details, and future storyline, here are all your answers!

Considering the appreciation and success that Extracurricular has received, a second season would definitely be another Netflix hit. What can be better than the feeling of adrenaline rushing in our blood!

Extracurricular Plotline

Extracurricular is a psychological-crime youth drama that revolves around four high school students— Oh Ji Soo, Bae Gyu Ri, Kwak Ki Tae and Seo Min Hee who agree to conduct an unlawful business in order to earn money. When the model student, Ji Soo gets into doing criminal activities after committing an unforgivable act, Gyu Ri and Min Hee persuade him to let them join him after discovering his operations. While Min Hee has been portrayed as the school bully, Ki Tae is the most popular guy on the campus who is dating Min Hee. Together, they run a security service for prostitutes, providing protection to the women as well as finding clients. However, as more people get involved in it, they are bound to face the unknown consequences of their acts.

The show readily addresses a lot of sensitive subjects of the society and showcases the ugly side of teenage years. Despite a high school youth drama, it is nothing like a regular K-drama that works as a remedy for our gloomy days.

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Extracurricular Season 1: Ji Soo Exposed

The first question that challenges our K-Drama intellectuals after finishing watching the show is if Ji Soo survived in the end. There is so much that happened in the last episode that some of the viewers ended up having mixed feelings about the end, especially the open ending. The episode begins with Mr. Lee finally taking down the team members of the Banana Club Karaoke bar but ends up losing his life at the rooftop of the bar along with its owner. The detective takes Ki Tae along with his gang for interrogation about reckoning the place as they suspect that Ki Tae is behind the attack on Mr. Lee.

Meanwhile, when Jisoo gets the news of his death, he starts hallucinating with imaginary scenes popping out of his mind about the people involved in the criminal investigation. When Gyu Ri asks Ji Soo to accompany her to Sydney, he refuses the offer for a vague reason. Upon digging the case deeper, police officer Haegyong comes across the club room of the school where Gyu Ri had been secretly keeping the money extracted from the owner of the bar. She immediately informs the police about the retrieved cash after which their homeroom teacher Jo Jin Woo is interrogated.

A Still From Extracurricular
A Still From Extracurricular

On the other hand, Min Hee finally confronts Ji Soo about his involvement in the recent events. Ji Soo accepts that it was him who has been providing security services to them in the disguise of the ‘uncle’. However, unbeknownst to Ji Soo, Min Hee has been recording their conversation and when he finds out about it, he forces Seo Min Hee to delete the recording. In the heat of the moment, Min Hee accidentally falls down the stairs and dies at the scene. A dramatic scene follows as Ji Soo walks towards his home after taking the phone.

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Extracurricular Season 1: Ending Explained

When Kwak Ki Tae gets to know about the mastermind behind the entire organisation and the fact that Ji Soo might have killed his girlfriend, Min Hee, he loses control and stabs him with a pair of scissors. However, Gyu Ri comes at the right moment and saves him by slamming a pot on his head and knocking him out.

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While both Gyu Ri and Ji Soo tries to exit the building, Ji Soo, who has already lost a lot of blood, begins to lose consciousness. In the next scene, Haegyong enters the apartment and the first thing she sees is Kwak Ki Tae lying unconscious. Just as we think that she is the closest to catching them, we see an empty stairwell! The series concludes with someone pouring water into the habitat which hints that Ji Soo and Gyu Ri might not have been dead. Well, at least Gyu Ri must have been alive. They might have been striving to thrive in this cruel world as troubled teenagers.

Extracurricular Season 2: What to Expect?

If Extracurricular gets a second season, it will be interesting to watch the game of cat and mouse between Ji Soo and Detective Lee. While the two leads, Gyu Ri and Ji Soo might slip back into the world of crime because of the fire existing inside them, Ki Tae might be up for something bigger to take revenge on them. Moreover, we can finally be able to see if Detective Lee catches Ji Soo and make him pay for his deeds.


Last year, when the superhit law thriller, ‘Vincenzo’ concluded, almost everyone began to put their theories on a possible sequel, considering the overwhelming response it achieved as well the open ending. However, the show makers cleared all rumours stating that it won’t have a second season. If the makers of Extracurricular take on the same approach, viewers will have to be satisfied with whatever they have now.

Extracurricular Season 2 Release Date

At present, Extracurricular has not been renewed for a second season. The first season of the drama was announced in April 2019 when Netflix announced itself as the distributor of a new Korean original series. It was released worldwide on April 29, 2020, on the streaming giant Netflix, all ten episodes on the same day. Each of the episodes shares a screen time of 60 minutes. It has been almost two years since the release of the drama but the writers have not hinted at a possible sequel. Moreover, almost every one of them has moved on to different projects and since the first season concluded with an open ending, chances of renewal of the next season are pretty low. However, if at all Netflix renews Extracurricular for another season, it is most likely to release in late 2023. For the time being, you can binge-watch the episodes anytime on Netflix.

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The screenwriter of Extracurricular, Jin Han Sae is now working on his latest K-drama titled, ‘Glitch’ starring ‘Vincenzo’ fame Jeon Yeo Been and former K-pop group ‘After School’ member Nana in lead roles. On the other hand, director Kim Jin-Min who had also directed the superhit Netflix show, ‘Lawless Lawyers’ delivered another action-thriller gem, ‘My Name’.

Ji Soo and Gyu Ri from Extracurricular
Ji Soo and Gyu Ri from Extracurricular

Extracurricular Season 2 Cast Details

Extracurricular Season 1 has a strong line-up of actors including Kim Dong Hee as Oh Ji Soo, Park Ju Hyun as Bae Gyu Ri, Nam Yoon Su as Kwak Ki Tae and Jung Da Bin as Seo Min Hee in lead roles. As for the supporting characters, Choi Min Soo plays the character of Lee Wang Chul, Kim Yeo Jin plays the role of Lee Hae Gyoung, and Park Hyuk Kwon plays Cho Jin Woo. If Extracurricular Season 2 is approved, we can expect the significant cast members to reprise their roles and continue to be a part of this venture. While Kim Dong Hee is yet to announce his next acting project, Park Ju Hyun has already been a part of mystery-thrillers, ‘Zombie Detective’ and ‘Mouse’.

Extracurricular Season 2 Trailer

Since the trailer of a new series is usually dropped a few weeks before the show starts airing, we do not have a promotional trailer or teaser for Extracurricular Season 2. However, in case you haven’t yet watched the show, you can start with having a glimpse into the series with the trailer of the first season. Here you go!

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