Happiness Episode 9 & 10: All the Twisted and Terrific Scenes

Happiness Episode 9 & 10: All the Twisted and Terrific Scenes
Happiness Episode 9 & 10

The urban apocalyptic thriller show “Happiness” has given us several amazing moments in every episode. The show has not only created a huge fanbase but also treated them fairly with its amazing content and plot points. Undoubtedly, the thriller series “Happiness” is doing incredibly well in every way and has reached its final point with time. It has not only cemented its position in the domestic arena but also in the international one. With each new episode, the show has gained new viewers, and all of them have appreciated the show a lot.

Each episode of the “Happiness” has been well-crafted out by the creators of the show, and every cast member of the show has done an incredible job with their respective characters. The suspense level created by the series is of completely another level, and of course, the audiences out there are loving it for the same. The show has given us so much quality content that it has become overwhelming for some of us.

Thus, we have decided to make it a bit easier for you. Here we have summarized all the amazing and twisted moments from the ninth and tenth episodes of the show. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s have a look inside.

1. Finding Out the Odd One:

One of the most suspenseful moments of the “Happiness”. The constant rivalry between Yoon Sae Bom and Oh Yeon Ok grows with every passing moment, and things grow really tense when Yeon Ok accuses Sae Bom of being infected. The real intention behind her accusation is to make all the residents kick out Sae Bom and Yi Hyun so they can get the share of their food and water.

Happiness Episode 9 & 10: All the Twisted and Terrific Scenes
Han Hyo Joo

But just like her, her plan is nothing but trash. Sae Bom jumps into the scene holding a gun and a fabulous plan. She announces that they are going to have a blood test and points out everyone’s reaction towards it. Though, even before she can slice up her palm, Yi Hyun interferes and slashes down his palm really hard, which splashes blood EVERYWHERE. Everyone was holding their breath while the “test” was going on.

Finally, blood worked its magic, and we see the grocery store clerk jump on Yi Hyun.

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2. The Fuel for the Reverend’s Powers:

The scene was the light in the tunnel for everyone. The reason behind the reverend’s power was made clear when Na Soo Min came out with an explanation that he doesn’t feel anything even when the reverend is near despite his thirst for blood. It doesn’t take long for the power couple to realize the truth that the infected purposely ignore other infected ones to focus on the multiplication of the virus.

Happiness Episode 9 & 10: All the Twisted and Terrific Scenes
Park Hyung sik

All the viewers felt the urge to bang their heads on the wall when they saw Oh Joo Hyeong luring the reverend off the balcony to his death. Of course, Yeon Ok was quick to point the finger towards Sae Bom and Yi Hyun for his death.

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3. Tae Seok’s Dilemma:

Han Tae Seok was going through a lifetime crisis when the virus got its clutches on his wife and child. The virus has changed its inner structure and now has become capable of remaining hidden inside the host’s body for longer and then suddenly snapping out for blood.

Happiness Episode 9 & 10: All the Twisted and Terrific Scenes
Jo Woo Jin

He is in a constant dilemma, and there is a need for more blood samples and more antibodies of Sae Bom, and there is no time for all of this. He is warned by Lieutenant Lee Ji Soo that his wife’s body is on the verge of end. In a matter of second, we see him pointing the gun to everyone inside and threatening them to pull the trigger if anyone tries to stop him from injecting the single sample of Sae Bom’s Blood into her.

The solution works, but Tae Seok has to manage everything out. In the process of covering up his path, he needs to get Sae Bom out of the building at all costs. He expects major disagreements, but when Yi Hyun agrees, he smells that something is definitely wrong.

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4. The Infection Traps Yi Hyun:

We are sure that all the viewers out there were crying their eyes out and slamming down their fists when it was revealed that Yi Hyun has been infected. The worst of the worst has happened. The news came out like a flash, and Yi Hyun stands in a dilemma on whether to tell Sae Bom about it or not. Boy is sure that she will defend him to death, but he is also aware that it will lead to hazardous results like them getting kicked out of the apartment.

Happiness Episode 9 & 10: All the Twisted and Terrific Scenes
Park Hyung sik and Han Hyo Joo

To cover up his infection, he switches to the extremely brave mode, continuously chopping his hand so that there isn’t any suspicion inside Sae Bom of him getting infected. But is it possible to escape her eagle eyes?

No. She notices it immediately when Yi Hyun stops drinking water. The situation was so tense that the viewers out there were in full sobbing mode. The show “Happiness” didn’t seem like “Happiness” anymore after this.

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