The Struggle for Necessities intensifies in Happiness Episode 11

Happiness Episode 11: The Struggle for Necessities
Happiness Episode 11

Happiness Episode 11 is going to be on our screen soon enough. The South Korean drama series is one of the globally recognized ones out there for its amazing plot points and fantastic cast lineup. It is not a typical horror zombie apocalypse series but a well-crafted drama portraying how life-threatening events can show anyone the true nature of people around them.

Many important revelations have taken place in the previous episodes, and the chaos is floating around in many forms. The new one is the scarcity of necessary food material, a death, and several conspiracies lines up to mess up a hundred lives out there. Many action scenes have been portrayed in the previous episodes, and it has fueled the engagement to a new level.

Fans out there are excited and quite eager to know about the upcoming episode of the show as it will lead the series to its end. After this eleventh episode, only one more will be left behind, and viewers can’t wait for the same. The upcoming, i.e., the eleventh episode, is soon about to release, and we are here to tell you about the same. We have gathered up all the details about the same. So, let’s have a look inside.

Happiness Episode 11 Release Date

Happiness Episode 11 is going to be released on December 10, 2021, at 7:10 PM. The show is reaching its finale gradually, and the audience out there is eager to know about the plotline ahead. It is on the peak on every ground and has gained international recognition with each passing episode.

Happiness Episode 11: The Struggle for Necessities
Han Hyo Joo in Happiness Ep 10

The urban apocalyptic drama series has given us a very detailed and clear description of human nature and a deadly disease. It has amazingly blended its plotline into something really unique and worth watching. We don’t only get to see the horror of a zombie apocalypse but also the unstable nature of humans when they are in a life and death situation. The depiction of the people in the drama has been real to a different core.

It has been a well-crafted watch till now, and everyone out there has been appreciating it for the same. The hypocritical nature of humans has been portrayed amazingly in the show, and we can’t agree enough with that.

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Where to Watch Happiness Episode 11?

Switch to the tvN channel if you are a domestic audience or if you are more into online streaming, then go to the TVING platform. There you will need a subscription, to begin with, and you can decide the price plan by going to its respective platform. Though, if you a part of the international audience, then you can switch to streaming platforms like Viki and WeTV. For catching up on the episodes, you will need a subscription plan for both platforms.

Happiness Episode 11 Spoilers

Previous episodes of the show were a turmoil of emotions and conspiracies for every one of us. There were many new revelations that left us shell shocked and many actions packed scenes that gave us a cool thrill. The show is reaching its end, and there have been many significant developments in the layers of the story.

A death was reported in the previous episode of the show, which left everyone in a state of panic. The episode was quite challenging for Yi-hyun and Sae-bom as the situation escalated quickly. Soo-min and Bo-ram’s mother has been infected in the building, and the supplies are running out pretty quickly. The scarcity of necessities has led to internal turmoil between the residents of the building. Sae-bom is informed by Yi-hyun that no one can be trusted enough in this unstable situation.

Happiness Episode 11: The Struggle for Necessities
Han Hyo Joo in Happiness Ep10

Moreover, Oh Yeon-ok and Oh Ju-hyung are continuously playing their dirty games for their own selfish reasons. They are feeding off their living by causing miseries to other residents. However, their tricks are halted by Yi-hyun and Sae-bom. As a result of this, they plan to claim Sae-bom as the infected one in the building, as then she will be quarantined and will be removed from their way.

We see Detective Kim engaged in finding the mystery behind the virus; and the appearance of the military electronic vehicle at the building. In the upcoming episode, we can see residents panicked due to the extreme scarcity of food items and Detective Kim getting into big trouble.

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