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What Happened To Itachi’s First Akatsuki Partner? – Explained!

Among all the couples of ninja who used to work together in the Akatsuki, one of the strongest ever is the one composed of Itachi Uchiha and Kisame Hoshigaki. Despite this, we know that Kisame arrived later than Itachi because, at the beginning, Itachi used to have a different partner. Anyway, a lot of people still don’t know anything about this “ghost” Itachi’s partner, so today I’m gonna introduce you the explanation of who he was and his story as a ninja. Let’s go!

First of all, we know that Itachi’s former partner’s name is “Juzo Biwa” and, as well as all the others Akatsuki members, he’s a traitor ninja too; in particular, he comes from Kirigakure, in which he was one of the Seven Hidden Mist Swordsmen who served the 3rd Mizukage Yagura Karatachi. In addition, we don’t have to forget that Yagura, besides being the 3rd Mizukage, was also the jinchuriki of the Three-Tails Beast, Isobu.

Thanks to the flashbacks we saw, we can understand that Juzo was very focused on completing his jobs in the fastest and simplest way possible; furthermore, he can be considered as one of the most merciless members of Akatsuki and we saw that he used to fight wielding the “Executioner’s Blade”, which is the sword that once belonged also to Zabusa and then passed to Suigetsu.

But why did he betray the Hidden Mist Village?

To Answer this question, we have to consider the filler saga about Might Guy’s father: in this part of the Naruto story, we saw that Might Die (this is the name of Might Guy’s father) was, as well as his son, a shinobi specialized in taijutsu and he was also able too to open the 8 Gates; thanks to his strength, he fought against the Seven Hidden Mist Swordsmen and, after having opened the 8th Gate, he killed 4 of them.

Of course Juzo survived to that experience and soon he started considering that defeat, which had been inflicted by a simple Genin coming from Konoha, as a shame for the Seven Hidden Mist Swordsmen’s reputation and also for Kirigakure; for this reason, he decided to desert his village and become a betrayer, joining the Akatsuki to use his skills in order to gain money. Anyway, despite this decision, he will never forget what Might Die did and we can see this fact in a flashback in which Juzo asks Itachi if he knows a “Might Die”, but Itachi replies that he only knows a “Might Guy”; this is obvious, since in the fight against the Seven Hidden Mist Swordsmen Might Die had opened the 8th Gate (named the “Gate Of The Death”), which brought him to lose his life.

In the end Yagura, who thought of Juzo’s betrayal also as a betrayal towards the authority of the 3rd Mizukage and a proof of disrespect towards the Hidden Mist Village, decided to fight against the two Akatsuki member; in that battle, Yagura used Isobu’s humanoid shape form and killed the betrayer ninja, while Itachi achieved escaping thanks to his Amaterasu.

Written by Jaskaran Oberoi

Hi, my name is Jaskaran Oberoi, and I'm From Punjab, India. I have been an anime for almost 18 years now and a fan of nearly all genres, You will often find me writing about a creepier side of the anime. You can get in touch with me at

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