Hansjorg Wyss’ Net Worth: How Wealthy is The Businessman?

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hansjorg wyss net worth
Hansjorg Wyss

Lately, due to Hansjorg Wyss’ popularity, he has been making news these days for his professional career. Fans are curious to know what Hansjorg Wyss’ net worth is. Hansjorg Wyss, born on September 19, 1935, is a Swiss billionaire businessman and philanthropist in the United States who supports politically liberal and environmental issues. He is the founder, former president, and chairman of the medical equipment company Synthes Holding AG. 

Wyss was born in the Swiss city of Bern in 1935. His father was a salesman for mechanical calculators, while his mother was a stay-at-home mom. He grew up with two sisters in an apartment. Wyss got an MBA from Harvard Business School in 1965 after getting a master’s degree in structural and civil engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich in 1959. Following that, he worked in the textile sector, including for Chrysler in Pakistan, Turkey, and the Philippines as a plant engineer and project manager.

Hansjorg Wyss’ Net Worth

What is Hansjorg Wyss’ Net Worth? Wyss is expected to have a net worth of over $5.5 billion in 2022. His Wyss Foundation is worth more than $2 billion. According to reports. He has recently boosted his donations to progressive organizations after donating hundreds of millions of dollars to environmental charities. In Brussels, Belgium, Wyss worked in the steel business. 

hansjorg wyss net worth
Hansjorg Wyss

Wyss had a side business selling airplanes while working in that profession. He met a surgeon who had co-founded Swiss medical equipment maker Synthes during one of his sales. Wyss spent the next two years learning about the medical device sector after that meeting. In 1977, he formed Synthes USA and became its president.

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Founder of Synthes USA.

In 1977, Wyss created and became president of Synthes USA, a subsidiary of Synthes, a medical device company based in Switzerland that makes internal screws and plates for shattered bones. Wyss developed a Synthes USA manufacturing unit in Colorado as an early initiative. Synthes’ products were previously manufactured and exported to the United States by another Swiss business. The U.S. division expanded its sales force and taught doctors how to use its goods under Wyss’ authority. Until his resignation as CEO in 2007, Wyss served as Synthes’ global CEO and chairman. He remained chairman of Synthes until Johnson & Johnson bought the company in 2012. During Wyss’ tenure, one-third of board meetings were spent discussing new goods, according to Wyss.

“For someone at his level and level of success, I would say he [Wyss] has a surprising amount of touch with what’s going on,” a manager assigned to the Norian project testified before a grand jury. Employees reported meetings in which he questioned them thoroughly about their projects. Synthes’ top executives were indicted by the US government in 2009. Eastern Pennsylvania’s attorneys are suing the Food and Drug Administration for using an experimental calcium-phosphate-based bone cement on human patients without permission. A total of three people died due to the use of bone cement. Although Wyss was not charged, four of Synthes’ top executives were found guilty and sentenced to prison. Wyss sold the company to Johnson & Johnson for $19.7 billion in cash and equity in 2012.

Hansjorg Wyss’ Charity Works

Wyss is said to be “among the world’s most generous people.” Wyss personally donated roughly $277 million between 2004 and 2008. Following the sale of Synthes in 2012, he boosted his donating. He agreed to give up the majority of his fortune when he signed The Giving Pledge in 2013. His charitable foundations have approximately $2 billion in assets.

He has given significant sums to environmental and scientific causes, as well as progressive groups such as the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities, Health Leads, and the Constitutional Accountability Center. Wyss has pledged to donate 20 million Swiss francs to the Bern Art Museum in 2019. He stipulated that the Hodlerstrasse, where the museum is located, be devoid of automobiles.

Hansjorg Wyss’ Personal Life

Wyss claimed in 2014 that he only had a Swiss passport and no U.S. green card. He “has not declared publicly whether he holds citizenship or permanent status” in the United States as of 2021. Wyss lives in Wyoming. Amy, his daughter, lives in Wyoming as well. Wyss enjoys hiking, skiing, and backpacking. He’s also a pilot in his pass time. He supports local initiatives to maintain wildlife habitat and public areas in the Rocky Mountains by participating in outdoor education programs.

hansjorg wyss net worth
Hansjorg Wyss

Wyss bought the Halter Ranch and Vineyard in western Paso Robles, California, in 2000 for 900 acres (3.6 km2). The ranch has a 1,800-acre nature preserve and a 281-acre vineyard that produces 13 grape varietals utilizing “Sustainability in Practice” certified methods. The ranch offers tours, and in 2015, Sunset Magazine rated it the “Best Vineyard Experience.”

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