Han Yeji’s Actions Shock Shin Sohyun in Episode 6 of ‘User Not Found’

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User Not Found Episode 6 looks like it has more twists and turns for us in-store than expected. Shin Sohyun and Han Yeji sharing the same name ‘Yoo Min Jae’ is only going to create more confusion and complications for both. The previous episode showed us Sohyun begging Yeji to grant her a favor. Her newly made friends send requests to Yeji’s social media account, thinking it belongs to her. Flustered, Sohyun rushes to Yeji and asks her to accept their requests. She insists by saying that she may not know the details, but she knows Yeji wants to have a different start at this school too. Despite Sohyun’s attempts to convince her, Yeji’s attitude towards the desperate girl is as indifferent and cold as ever.

She replies by saying that the people she thinks of as friends are not her real friends at all. They will turn their backs on her in a moment’s time. Yeji tells Sohyun that it’s better she comes clean to the class immediately and walks out. A devastated Sohyun can do nothing but contemplate how to tell them the truth.

Previously on User Not Found Episode 5

A lot of things changed in episode 5 of ‘User Not Found’. Hye Jun constantly teases Yi Joon about the rumors shrouding him and Min Jae. Yi Joon puts up a strong defense and says calls the rumors nonsense. He even goes as far as saying, ‘I don’t have any interest in attention seekers like her,’ regarding Min Jae.

user not found episode 6 baejin bae jinyoung shin sohyun cix
User Not Found

The kids from class decide to throw a welcome party for their new friend. Just as Min Jae is planning how to confess to them, she receives a message about the party and finds out that it is being held at a Karaoke. She promises herself to come clean to her friends after enjoying this one evening, as it has been her lifelong wish to go to Karaoke with friends.

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What is Yi Joon hiding?

Episode 5 of ‘User Not Found’ made it evident that Yi Joon is nursing a hurtful past. When asked why he never sings at the Karaoke, and to do it for once by his friends, he gives a cold response. He places emphasis on the fact that he will never sing ‘in front of people’. Though his clique seems to have an idea what this is about, Min Jae is thrown off by his attitude.

user not found episode 6 baejin bae jinyoung shin sohyun cix
User Not Found

Apart from the singing issue, it seems Yi Joon also has something else bothering him. The previous episode shows us a small flashback he has regarding Hye Jun, which causes him to give his cousin a critiquing look. Given how Hye Jun will likely try to get closer to Min Jae, Yi Joon looks like he wants to protect her from something concerning that might occur at his cousin’s hands.

Han Ye Ji is up to something

The episode ends on a cliffhanger. It shows the kids saying, ‘Minjae accepted our requests.’ but commenting on how interesting her account is and giving her looks. This sends Shin Sohyun into panic as she thinks back on how Yeji declines to do her a favor at the start and tells her, ‘Even if I do accept their requests, they’ll see all my pictures. Is that really okay with you?’. Sohyun cannot help but wonder what is actually going on. The viewers are just as curious, if not more, to know about what Yeji has planned for them both.

‘User Not Found’ Episode 6 Release Date

User Not Found Episode 6 will be released on 18 December 2021. Many viewers are eager to know what Yeji has in mind since she clearly wants to hide her identity as well. Most fans have an idea that involves both the Minjae’s getting into an agreement about swapping identities, but everyone wants to know how they will carry this out.

What To Expect From Episode 6?

The next episode of User Not Found is likely to introduce us to Yeji’s plan. We will see her and Sohyun communicating more and getting along to take each other’s place. We will also see what Hyejun will do further with the information he has on them both.

user not found episode 6 baejin bae jinyoung shin sohyun cix
Yi Joon (Bae Jinyoung of CIX) and Minjae

Where to Watch ‘User Not Found’ Episode 6

‘User Not Found’ Episode 6 can be watched on Viki. The drama will air from 3 December 2021 to 12 February 2022. Everyone’s looking forward to more interactions between Min Jae and Yi Joon, and so are we!

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