Han So Hee New Posters Get Released, Gets Candid About Her Role In Soundtrack #1

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Han So Hee Featured Image
Han So Hee

Soundtrack #1 is the new South Korean drama starring Park Hyun Sik and Han So Hee that will soon be on the streaming platforms. The drama from the beginning only has been getting attention due to its plot and cast, and now Han So Hee spills some news as to why she chose the drama and what made her love the character. Along with this, we also have some new posters featuring Han So Hee.

The actress is holding high anticipation regarding the drama and has urged the audience to give it lots of love and support. Her role in Soundtrack #1 is quite different from her previous roles, and the character was close to her personality. The actress is currently riding high on the success of the previous projects and has achieved global fame. It will be really interesting to see what her character offers, and of course, we can’t wait to swoon over the chemistry Park Hyun Sik and Han So Hee bring on-screen.

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Han So Hee Gets Candid About Her Role In Soundtrack #1

Ever since the drama series Soundtrack #1’s posters and the teaser has been out, Han So Hee is stealing the limelight because of her amazing chemistry with Park Hyung Sik and also due to her character portrayal. In the drama, she portrays the role of a lyricist who is extremely passionate about her work and has been best friends for 20 years with Park Hyung Sik’s character Han Sun Woo. However, their relationship takes a whole turn when they start to stay together for two weeks. Now, talking about unrequited love, let’s face it, many of us have gone through that phase somehow or the other. Han So Hee also shares her part of the story and reminisces her youthful days.

Soundtrack #1
Han So Hee

The drama focuses on how the two best friends share conflicting feelings within themselves as both of them are trying to introspect their feelings for each other. According to Han So Hee, the drama certainly made her look her to her past and on her feelings of unrequited love when she was younger. 

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Han So Hee Sheds Light On Choosing Soundtrack #1 

Soundtrack #1 is quite a different project from what Han Soo Hee has been offering us over the past few years. Previously she played an art student in Nevertheless, from there, she went all out with an entirely new, never seen avatar in My Name. In Soundtrack #1, she’s someone who, though is quite clear about her emotions, still takes time to understand her relationship with Han Sun Woo.

However, it seems that the script was not the only reason why she agreed to this project. It was the director of the series, Kim Hee Won, with whom she shared a great rapport, and that’s the point when she realized that if she became a part of this project, then filming would be fun. Kim Hee Won was the biggest reason why she came on board.

Han So Hee
Han So Hee

Actors and directors need to share a certain level of comfort so that work can go smoothly. That’s what happened with Han So Hee and director Kim Hee Won. Being a very easy-going person, Han So Hee thought that working with him would be fun.

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While talking about the character, she mentioned how Eun Soo shares a lot of similar personality traits with her. Also, she shared a fond memory while filming Soundtrack #1. It is known that first snow is very much popular in South Korea. While shooting, both the leads, Park Hyun Sik and Han So Hee, wanted to see the first snow, and coincidentally it did snow. Everyone watched the snow in awe as it was looking so beautiful, and for some time, everyone enjoyed that moment.

When Will Soundtrack #1 Release?

The musical genre drama will be available for streaming on 23rd March 2022 on Disney+, so you won’t have to wait for too long. To avail of the app, just subscribe to it.

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