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Halston Net Worth: The Iconic Fashion Designer’s Rise To Fame And Earnings


Netflix subscribers recently came across the newly released limited series Halston. The American fashion designer took the whole world by storm with his unique ideas, minimalist fashion, and bold character. His ideas and designs were hugely admired and loved by fashionistas all around and soon, Halston went on to dominate the American fashion industry during the 1970s. Sadly enough, the iconic star passed away after being diagnosed with AIDS-related cancer. He was 57 years old. 

The designer rose to international fame after designed the iconic pillbox hat that Jaqueline Kennedy wore to the inaugural ceremony of her husband, President John. F Kennedy back in 1961. In the late 1960s, the fashion genius soon made the transition to women’s clothing and opened up a boutique in Madison Square, New York. From designer pants to ultra suede, Halston’s designs were instrumental in turning the industry and give it a fresh new look. Such was his influence that his name is still remembered decades later. The designer later expanded his horizon while launching menswear, luggage, handbags, and lingerie. He was also responsible for introducing a new style of kaftans. 

Halston Net Worth: Fashion Career, Big Ideas And More.

Halston even made a name for himself by giving the whole idea of uniforms a fresh new look. He was contacted by Brandi International Airways to create uniforms for their flight attendants. The uniforms were made with a distinctive logo H, and the attendants later said that these were the easiest and comfortable uniforms they had ever worn. Halston had an estimated net worth of $100 million!


Halston was good friends with the one and only Liza Minnelli. The two were good friends, and Liza was considered to be a muse for the designer. Halston’s designs were so very popular as they were simple, minimalist, and yet so sophisticated and beautiful and comfortable to wear. He gave an interesting interview with Vogue where he said that he got rid of all the extra buttons that didn’t get buttons and zippers that didn’t zip. The fashion designer started to lose control over his own company with time and grew frustrated about it. He tried to win back his company but could not gain dominance over the company. His company named Halston Enterprises, was later acquired by Revlon.

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Netflix Has Released  A Limited Series Drama Based On The Iconic Fashion Designer’s Life.

Netflix has released a limited drama series titled Halston that will look into the iconic fashion designer’s rise and fall. While the series will largely focus on the man’s rise to fame and stardom and how he changed the way people saw fashion, it will also focus on some of the never-seen-before facts about the sensational fashion designer. Take a look at the limited series trailer to get a sneak peek into the iconic figure‘s life who took the fashion industry by storm.

Popular actor Ewan McGregor is going to be portraying the role of Halston on screen. While fans have been interested to see it all on screen, Halston’s family has distanced themselves from the series and even claimed that some of the facts are inaccurate. The series is streaming on the platform from 14th May onwards.

The Designer Changed The Way People Saw Fashion With His Minimalist Style.

While the star designer had an impressive career graph as he went on to become a revolutionary figure in the fashion industry, the star had a tragic downfall as well. He was involved with the charismatic Victor Hugo. He soon hired Hugo as his boutique’s window dresser. The two had an on-off relationship for ten long years.


However, the kind of influence Victor had on the designer is quite questionable. It was reported that Victor Hugo sold gossip related to the designer to various media tabloids and publishing houses and even signed an NDA agreement later. The Netflix limited series have focused on their relationship and the disastrous aftermath of it. Halston’s family looked after him during his illness as he moved closer to his family. 

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