Halloween Kills Ending Explained & Plot Summary

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Halloween Kills Ending Explained
Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills has released just this year in 2021 and has already amazed the fans with its plot full of twists and a perfect blend of various genres. It is an American slasher film. David Gordon Green has directed this tale while the script was penned down by Green as well as Danny McBride and Scott Teems. This story has established itself as a sequel to the 2018 film called Halloween and is the 12th movie in the entire Halloween franchise.

The main roles are bagged by actors Jamie Lee Curtis as well as James Jude Courtney, who enact the characters of Laurie Stride as well as Michael Myers respectively. The cast from the previous stories has returned as well in order to do their usual parts. As for the plot, it starts exactly at the point where the previous story ended. We witness that Strode and her entire family are still on their mission to fend off Myers. But this time, they are all taking the help of the Haddonfield community.

Halloween Kills – Plot

The timeline starts from the 31st of October 1978 with Deputy Frank Hawkins as he accidentally shoots his partner dead. He was actually trying to save him from Michael Myers and had no bad intentions. Later, he prevents Dr. Samuel Loomis from killing off Michael. The story then is fast-forwarded to the 31st of October 2018, that is, forty years later. We see that Hawkins is left stabbed by Dr. Ranbir Sartain, who wants him to die. He is found by Cameron Elam, who immediately calls an ambulance. Hawkins thus regrets not killing off Michael and vows to kill him himself. On the other hand, we see that Tommy Doyle is celebrating the imprisonment of Michael along with other survivors such as Marion Chambers and Lindsey Wallace and Cameron’s father named Lonnie Elam.

Halloween Kills Ending Explained
A still from Halloween Kills

They have all come across Michael back in 1978. But the celebration does not last long as the news comes out that the firefighters who have responded to the burning house of Laurie Strode have accidentally released Michael. Michael kills them with their own equipment before making his way back to Haddonfield. Tommy, as well as Marion and Lindsay, along with Lonnie, hear about this escape of Michael through a wireless emergency alert. Tommy, when he goes out, comes across a group of people from Haddonfield who are ready to kill Michael and hunt him down. All they want to do is get their vengeance from him. Karen gets to know that Michael is still alive but does not tell this to Laurie so that she can recover. Laurie and Hawkins both wake up in the same room and talk about their old relationship status.

Halloween Kills Ending Explained

The community of Haddonfield is warned to stay inside their house but not before Marion gets killed by Michael along with Vanessa and her husband, Marcus. Lindsey escapes the loophole, though, and is later found alive by Tommy as well as Lonnie, Cameron, and Allyson. The group then tries to fetch Michael and follow the path that he might have taken. They understand his steps and acknowledge that he might be heading down to his childhood home. Michael is seen murdering the current owners of his home while Laurie is preparing to leave the hospital upon knowing that Michael is alive.

Too much destruction follows after this incident as the people are trying to kill Michael, and Tommy’s mob eventually do so. But he recovers soon and, in turn, kills the entire group. Then he goes back to Karen, who initially stabbed him, and returns the favor by stabbing her to death. This means that Michael is still out there killing people while Lauri was seen looking out of the window. If you are wondering about where this film was actually filmed, then we have got the entire information for you guys.

Halloween Kills Filming Location

The movie Halloween Kills saw its major filming taking place at Wilmington, located in North Carolina. It is also disclosed that a sequel for this movie is already in production. The upcoming tale called Halloween ends will also be filmed at Wilmington itself. The production crew started working on these stories from the 16th of September 2019 itself.

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