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Haikyuu Season 6 Release Date: Everything We Know

Haikyuu Season 6 Release Date
Haikyuu, anime series

Many anime lovers are wondering when will Haikyuu Season 6 will come out. Haikyuu is one the most popular anime and manga series loved by fans from all around the world. Haikyuu manga series is written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. The anime series Haikyuu is directed by Susumu Mitsunaka and Masako Sato and written by Taku Kishimoto. Haikyuu means Volleyball in Japanese, and that is what all about the anime series is. The story revolves around a boy, Shoyo Hinata, who determines to be a great volleyball player despite his small stature. The anime series Haikyuu portrays his journey of becoming a volleyball player, overcoming various obstacles, and finally claiming numerous victories with his team, Karasuno High School Volleyball Team.

The anime televisions series has come so far that four seasons of Haikyuu are already released. One of the hardest things an anime lover has to face is waiting for the next installment. The Japanese anime industry is well known for producing multiple seasons but while taking months and even sometimes years of gap in between. Many time series get canceled or postponed due to various reasons. Therefore, Haikyuu fans are also getting anxious about the upcoming season release date. And why not? According to rumors, the next season is going to be the final installment of the Haikyuu anime series since the manga series was completed in 2020. But rumors are rumors. Nothing is confirmed yet.

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Haikyuu Season 6 Release Date

There is no official statement that has been made of Haikyuu Season 6 release date. Let us rephrase this, Production I.G has not made any official statement about the renewal of the Haikyuu Anime Series next installment, that is Haikyuu Season 5. Yes, you read it correctly. So far, four seasons have been released. The first three seasons were released sequentially from 2014 to 2016. However, the fourth season of Haikyuu came into two volumes. Whereas the first part was released at the beginning of 2020, the second part was released in October 2020.

Haikyuu Season 6 Release Date

Haikyuu Season 5

The partition of the fourth season made many fans and news outlets confuse, leading to assuming the second part of the fourth season as Season 5. Do not get confused! Season 5 is not out yet. As we see that there are years of gap between Season 3 and Season 4 of Haikyuu, it is likely to happen even in the upcoming season. If the company decides to renew the next installment, Haikyuu Season 5 may premiere around the beginning of 2022 (the earliest we can get) or late 2022. It all depends on Production I.G. Hopefully, we will hear Haikyuu Season 5 release date soon.

What Will Happen In Haikyuu Season 5?

If the production house decides to renew, what will happen in Haikyuu Season 5? What will be the plot of Haikyuu Season 5? Season 5 is most likely pick up from where the previous season 4 ended. By the end of Haikyuu Season 4, Karasuno High School and Inarizaki School face off on the court. The exhausting match between the two schools ends as Karasuno claims victory and moves onto the third round of the Spring Tournament.

Haikyuu Season 6 Release Date

Haikyuu Season 5

The last episode of Season 4 displays an emotional-filled victory from all team members as they are now even closer to the finale of the Spring Tournament. The next Season 5 will be a continuation of this. Karasuno High will come back stronger after taking a short break they all deserve. We may even get to see one of the anticipated face-offs between Karasuno High School and Nekoma High School. Besides, there are plenty of other tournaments with high-stake matches. Overall, Haikyuu Season 5 will again show a visually remarkable volleyball show on the court.

Who Will Be The Cast Of Haikyuu Season 5?

In Season 5, we will get to some of the core characters, such as Shoyo Hinata by Kenta Sauga, Tobio Kageyama by Kaito Ishikawa, Yuu Nishinoya by Nobuhiko Okamoto, Tooru Oikawa by Daisuke Namikawa, and Kenma Kozume by Yuki Kaji. The other anticipated cast includes Atsuma Miya, Ryunosuke Tanaka, Tanji Washijo, Hisashi Kinoshita, Aran Ojiro, etc. Even though there has been no news about Haikyuu Season 5 release date, many anime fans are eagerly waiting for it. Even if it takes time, let’s hope we will get the next installment. Keep your eyes on the news to know the latest updates of the Haikyuu Season 5 release date. While waiting for the next season, watch all seasons of Haikyuu on Netflix.

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