Haikyuu!! Chapter 325 Spoilers, Release Date

I wasn’t expecting the final point to be like that at all. But it actually seems strangely fitting now that it’s happened. Kenma looks satisfied, on the other hand, Hinata looks like he hasn’t had enough. The amazing thing about this match is that both these two teams made the audience root for the ball not falling, rather than in favor of one of the teams. So let us break down and speculate the events of the next chapter. But before that, there is a sign for you. The post ahead includes major spoilers for Haikyuu!! Chapter 325 so read at your own will.

Haikyuu!! Chapter 325 Spoilers

Now that the match is over, I wonder if next week’s color page will be related to Karasuno’s next opponent or maybe Fukuroudani match. But it could also be something to close the current match too.

Haikyuu!! Chapter 325

I am really curious about the fall out next chapter. This is a really interesting choice because even though Kenma did try very hard, and eventually gave his all, this last play was certainly at his feet. So I guess the rest of the teams’ failure is going to have to be muted. It’s also got a kind of mysterious element because, until this point, Kenma vocally didn’t care as much as the all of them. I’m really querying if any feelings of guilt or apologies for losing it for the team are going to come up. I can’t believe that reading real or believable with these characters though. I don’t think anyone else on the team would need it from Kenma and I can’t really think Kenma saying it. I want some release for the loss, but I cannot picture how it’s going to happen.

As for Karasuno’s following match, this one was especially exhausting, so I get the feeling they won’t be facing any of these main characters “today,” but I could be wrong, and we could be witnessing Hinata vs. Hoshiumi way earlier than everyone thought.

Haikyuu!! Chapter 325 Release Date

The release date of this chapter is 03 November 2018. However, the scans will be open 2-3 days before that.

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