Haikyuu!! Chapter 320 Spoilers, Release Date

Hey, everyone! In this article, We’ll be discussing Haikyuu!! Chapter 320 Spoilers & Release date. As you all know this post holds massive spoilers for the following chapter, therefore I suggest you should quit before you get spoiled. If you don’t care to be spoiled, you can proceed with this post. Let’s Begin!

Haikyuu!! Chapter 320 Spoilers

Haikyuu!! Chapter 320

The earlier chapter was great; I enjoyed every panel of this chapter! All the well-paced actions and the last panel of Tsukishima & Kuroo… my heart can’t only take it. This was an outstanding chapter with a lot of hype though Nishinoya should get a chapter for his impulses this match and his failures for every scored head Nekoma is making, recognizing him he should be mad as well. We should be all rooting for Nishinoya because he’s facing the greatest Libero he’s ever faced so far.

I honestly think the Yaku vs. Noya thing is completed now. We’re going onto another battle and if points continue at this rate this Kuroo vs. Tsukki will apparently only last a chapter too. I’m truly getting the feeling this is going towards covering up sooner rather than later. I’d want Sensei to spend more time on the 3rd years from both sides a little more as the match goes on. Rather than search further into the head-on rivalry between Yaku-Noya & Kuroo-Tsukki, show further of Suga, Daichi, Asahi, Kai and eventually end with Kenma-Shoyo. It believes that would be a great ending to the battle.

The score is in support of Karasuno by 4-3 although that lead can switch hands in a second. At the top, we saw Kuroo and Tsukiyama going to the front line.

Where to read Haikyuu!! Manga?

As you know are a few sites that allow you to read Haikyuu!! Manga. Still, yet if you go for the scanlation, please back the official release by checking for the official release, which will help the anime & manga community.

The release date of the chapter is October 1st, 2018 however as we already know scans will be available 2-3 days before that.

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