Haikyuu!! Chapter 319 Spoilers, Release Date

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Hello, everyone! In this article, I’ll be talking about Haikyuu!! Chapter 319 Spoilers and Release Date. As you all know this article contains major spoilers, therefore I suggest you should leave before you get spoiled. If you don’t mind being spoiled, you can continue with this article. Enjoy!

Haikyuu!! Chapter 319 Spoilers

Haikyuu!! Chapter 319 Spoilers

Nekoma may not be my favorite team, but I love getting backstories on characters. Plus look at the small Kenma and Kuroo. They have a really nice and adorable relationship. I especially like how Kuroo’s never actually forced Kenma to do anything. And also how Coach Nekomata was more of an inspirational figure even that early on. I want childhood stories and how they started volleyball for more characters!

That last panel! I am so grateful for every moment between Daichi and Kuroo. And I just love that this chapter is a flashback about Kenma, Kuroo, and Nekomata. This is the moment of the true Battle at the Garbage Dump.

Furudate, show me you’ve been saving all your ideas for this set! Give us a set that’s a wild ride from start to finish! But it is time for the 3rd set let’s go! I’m still going to feel bad whoever loses this anyway. That’s all for now; we will be back with more spoilers and news on Haikyuu!!

Where to read Haikyuu!! Manga?

As you know are a few unofficial sites that let you read Haikyuu!! Manga for free. However, even if you read the scanlation, please support the official release by pausing for the proper release, which will help the anime & manga community. The official release date of the new chapter that all fans are eagerly waiting for is 22 September 2018. However, the scans will be out 2-3 days before that.


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