Gurazeni Season 2 Key Visual and Release Date!

Good news for all Gurazeni fans out there, the Gurazeni manga is very popular among fans for its decent story. After the success of its season 1, Studio decided to work on the second season of Gurazeni. The Season 1 for this show ended last week; the studio is planning to continue the show with a very little break. The series will be again directed under Ayumu Watanabe (Director of Gurazeni Season 1). The series composition and script writing will be done under the table of Hideo Takayashiki. The popular professional baseball player, Masahiro Yamamoto, will make guest appearances as the voice actors in Gurazeni Season 2.

The story of Gurazeni follows, Natsunosuke Bando, a professional baseball player and his life in the savage world of professional baseball. The Original work is done by Yuji Moritaka; the series direction will be by Ayumu Watanabe. And, the series composition and the script will be handled by Hideo Takayashiki.

The Gurazeni Season 1 was aired from April 2018 to June 2018 and seems like, the popular Yuki Iwai from the comedy duo Haraichi will be giving a guest voiceover in the second season of the series, as he is a Gurazeni fan too.

Additionally, Moritaka Yuji the mind behind the series specially wrote a storyboard for the ending of Gurazeni Season 2, As revealed by the staff members of the show.

Gurazeni Season 2 Release Date

The release date for Gurazeni Season 2 is confirmed to be, 5 October 2018. The series will be airing every Friday at 22:30 (Japanese Standard Time).

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