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Guilty Party: Release Date, Plot, Cast & Expectations

Paramount+ is back with a new promising series. Paramount+ is an online streaming service. Viacom CBS Streaming owns and operates the service. This streaming service is part of ViacomCBS. A wide range of original and library content can be accessed with this service. Further, it offers content from CBS, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, and Paramount Network. Paramount is in the midst of bringing another new series to the screen. ‘Guilty Party’ is the title of this upcoming series. ‘Guilty Party’ will be an American television series that explores dark comedy.

Black comedy, also known as black humor or dark humor. This is a type of comedy that usually makes light of taboo topics. Taboos are subjects that are usually considered to be painful to discuss or to be serious. It is often used by writers and comedians to explore vulgar issues. Further, This upcoming series is written by Rebecca Addelman.

The Guilty Party is directed by Trent O’Donnell. As an executive producer, Addelman takes on a dual role. Further, she will be producing the series alongside director Trent O’Donnell, Beckinsale, Mosaic’s Jimmy Miller, and Sam Hansen. Along with them are Joe Farrell, Jim Ziegler, and Mike Farah from Funny Or Die. Becca Kinskey and Whitney Hodack serve as co-executive producers. Further, CBS Studios produces this series together with Funny Or Die and Mosaic.

Guilty Party : Release Date, Cast & Plot

A glimpse of the guilty party

The Cast Of Guilty Party

The cast of “Guilty Party” consists of outstanding actors and actresses. This series follows Beth Baker as its protagonist. She is a discredited journalist. The titular character Beth Baker is played by Kate Beckinsale. Additionally, Jules Latimer plays the role of Tony. Tony is a young woman convicted of 92 years in prison. She is committed to prison for murdering her husband. Furthermore, she is not an inept gun runner. In addition to this, she claims she didn’t kill him.

Geoff Stults plays the role of Marco Baker in the series. Marco is Beth’s husband. He is a true-blue park ranger. He copes with the challenges of life. Moreover, he tries to understand his wife’s frustrations, which is with a lowly job after having been a celebrated journalist. The character of George is played by Laurie Davidson. George is a low-level gun runner. Furthermore, he is the brains behind the operation. Additionally, he has a sensitive side. He is also capable of falling in love easily. But he can just as easily lose control of his temper. He is also not averse to using violence when resolving problems.

The character of Fiona is played by Tiya Sircar. Fiona is Beth’s associate at the online publication. She is a duplicitous overachiever. But when things get dicey, she’s a fantastic wing-woman too. The character of Tessa is portrayed by Alanna Ubach. She works as a news anchor. As a young reporter, she was lapped by Beth. Now, Tessa is a “chief crime correspondent”. Further, With Beth in her rearview mirror, she is rapidly ascending. The character of Wyatt is played by Andre Hyland. Wyatt is a dangerous and bigoted buffoon. He feels he is smarter than he actually is. Additionally, he has the sense of humor of a 13-year-old boy.

Guilty Party : Release Date, Cast & Plot

Cast of Guilty Party

The Plot Of Series

The Guilty Party is a 10-episode series. It’s each episode is runs for half an hour. The series follows Beth Baker’s journey. Beth is a discredited journalist. Beth tries to resurrect her career by helping Toni Plimpton. Toni is a young mother. She was sentenced to life in prison. Due to her alleged role in maiming and killing her husband. In which she claims she was not responsible. Toni writes to Beth three years after these events., asking Beth to assist in reopening her case and proving her innocence. Beth is further in over her head as she attempts to uncover the truth. She grapples with gun smugglers in Colorado and clickbait culture. In addition to the doldrums of marriage. Additionally, she also has to deal with her own tainted past.

Guilty Party : Release Date, Cast & Plot

A glimpse of the guilty party

Guilty Party Release Date

Guilty Party will be released on October 14, 2021. Viewers are looking forward to this upcoming series with great excitement. The upcoming series has piqued their interest. They are curious about Guilty Party Release Date. In order to boost viewers’ excitement, the series’ release date has been announced. October 14, 2021, will mark the premiere date for the series. Further, The show will be available for streaming on Paramount+. Paramount+ shared an assortment of first-look photos recently. These photos generated quite a bit of excitement among fans.

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