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GTA VI: Release Date, Development & Gameplay Rumors


GTA has been one of the most dominant gaming series to exist in the gaming world. It is an open-world action game that has a unique set of characters, stories, and an interactive world. As of currently Rockstar Games has not commented or stated anything new about the GTA VI but there has been releasing of t in coming years and that’s for sure. As the reports indicate GTA V is one of the most popular games and also has a counterpart named GTA Online which allows players to layer in a multiplayer mode. The game was one of the most popular and among the most purchased titles in recent years. This certainly means that the sequel will be of top-notch quality.

According to recent reports that surfaced it suggested that as of April 2020 the new title in the Grand Theft Auto series is currently in early development. The report also added by stating that the fans can even expect even a smaller launch. The game will have a huge expansion via updates and in the manner of GTA Online or MMO. The timing of development meaning means the game expectancy to be released for next-gen consoles such as Xbox Series X and PS5. It is also suggested that there will be a newly remastered version of GTA 5 for PS5 and Xbox Series X releasing in 2022 in March. These reports suggest that the GTA title cold take some time to release. To read about the further details please continue forward.

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When could the GTA VI release date be?

According to looking at some past trends that Rockstar had followed if GTA VI was announced after Red Dead Redemption 2  was released that is October 26, 2018. The player would have waited for almost 22 months to be precise making it August 2020. Although Rockstar didn’t do this and didn’t even tease the game. All that the player and fans have got until now is that GTA VI is currently in the early stages of development according to a report released in April of 2020. This makes it particularly difficult for the prediction of a release window of the game.


GTA Online

According to some latest rumors and speculations, it was suggested that the GTA VI  release might be somewhere around 2022, There was also speculation that the game will be set up in the modern time world of Vice City and that is growing to expand over time. Firstly there were also some rumors and speculation that the game will have a releases date of 2020 in October. The game was rumored to have a world set in Miami. These all info was from a source that was not official. Some additional details were that the game will have only a single male protagonist and the setup will be in the 1970s and a story that is chaptered. Although there was no official confirmation about these claims the rally got the fans amped up for the new game.

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What will the GTA VI story be?

A rumor surfaced the reports suggesting that the world would be set in the 1970s/80s and the game will have a single male protagonist as a playable character. The protagonist will be featuring as a new coming drug lord whose name is “Ricardo”. One of the key characters in-game according to rumors would be “Kacey”. According to the leak report, it stated that the player would start as a simple grunt during runs as a smuggler for cocaine around the Vice City large South American and in the process making some big-time connections and climbing his way up to the ladder. It is also suggested that Martin Madrazo as his younger self would also be a feature in the game and so will his father. The story will revolve around topics like immigration and HIV which was a huge deal in the 1970/the 80s.



Another leak earlier than this stated that the game will have four main characters which will feature two gang members and two police members. The rumor reports were that the story will be split after some time in the game and one side eventually building a criminal empire while the other features traditional action and twists like previous games from Rockstar LA Noire. The latest report suggested that surfaced in 2021 in June stated the world be a modern Vice City setting and will have multiple protagonists such as a woman that is a tech enthusiast Although despite all these rumors Rockstar as of now didn’t rule out featuring the multiple protagonists like its previous outings like GTA V. Although the new game from Rockstar that is Red Dead Redemption 2 has only one male protagonist Arthur Morgan, and Rockstar in an interview stated that they might plan to do this again.

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What details did Rockstar give about GTA VI in interviews and outings?

President of Rockstar North first teased the release of their next venture in 2013 in an interview which got the rumors initiated. He stated that they don’t know how and what GTA VI will be but they are planning out some ideas. They have got several ideas of what they want to do and the primary question is what world will be the game be set in will it be LA, Miami, or New York. The map and story are the things that must get along and planned together.


Rockstar North President Lesli Benzies

Although the Director of Rockstar didn’t give very much info about the new venture and has left Rockstar North in pretty different circumstances. However, it seems far more unlikely that Rockstar will rip off all the work they have done on GTA VI. They won’t rip the world where world-building is the initial process while character and structure are added further. GTA V needed an immensely creative team of almost 1000+ developers in all studios situated worldwide so it will be a quite difficult and tedious process to change the whole process.

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