GTA 6: Latest Leaks and Rumors – New Open World Teased for Players

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Here we are again. GTA 6 RUMORS AND LEAKS. We have been doing it for years and we will keep doing it for years. There is literally nothing released from Rockstar Games regarding this game and yet there have been so many theories and leaks and rumors released. If we glue all that up we could create a mind-boggling game out of itself. Today, we will have a look at all the major leaks and rumors which we have had. Also, the latest leak which a Redditor revealed regarding the most awaited game of this decade. Grand Theft Auto 6.

I really don’t need to introduce you to the GTA world. Every kid knows what GTA is. It is probably the first game that everyone hears about. It has been 8 years since the last game and Rockstar Games are milking it in quite some fashion. First of all, let’s have a look at the rumors of the release date of this game.

GTA 6 Leaks

There are three major leaks about the release date and every leak comes with a certain level of legitimacy.

Leak No 1

The first report is by Schreier. Schreier is a reputed person when it comes to talking about the development and current status of the game. In past years, he has been accurate about some launches and development news of many games but GTA 6 is completely different from all the games. isn’t it? According to Schreier, the game is still in early development and the game is nowhere near its launch till 2026. Well, that is a piece of devastating news for everyone who was thinking of a launch this year or next year.

Leak No 2

Now talking about the second report, this report was given by famous Rockstar leakers Yan2295 and Tezfun2. Yan2295 is a community favorite leaker when it comes to leaks regarding GTA games. He has made precise leaks regarding GTA online in the past so it means that he does have some credibility. According to these two, GTA 6’s development is more than halfway complete and 2022 could be the year when we will witness the launch of GTA 6. So there is already a gap of 4 years between the reports of two prominent dataminers. That’s how complicated it is.

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Leak No 3

The third one is a Reddit post. It was made by a Redditor which gained a lot of traction and no one knows actually who was behind it. So it is an anonymous post and according to the post the game is almost complete and we could see the game launch in October 2021 itself.

So if it was to rank the order of these rumors, we would say a tie between the first two and completely disregard the third one. Since there is no match between the first two reports, there is no firm target for the fans on the release date yet. Now let’s talk about what this game will include. What the storyline could be, who could be the main character, location,  and much more.

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GTA 6 Story and Location

In 2019, a Reddit post took the gaming community by storm in which a detailed patch report of GTA 6 leaks was posted. The post was made by JackOLantern1982. Don’t know who he is but the post was very much detailed explaining the locations, the characters, the era in which the game is set, and much more. According to him, the game’s code name is Project Americas. Everyone started believing it but then Schreier comments “Yeah this is fake” on the post and then the post lost all its hype.

GTA 6 Reddit leaks


Apart from Schreier, Tom Henderson, another trusted insider of the gaming industry also said that 80% of these rumors of Project Americas are fake. Well, it means 20% are right. Which 20%? Don’t know as he didn’t point out which points were fake and which were real. Even if we see other smaller leaks there are a few common things in all of them

  1. The game is set to be in the 70s-80s era

  2. The game’s storyline would be about building a drug empire from scratch.

  3. The game will have 5-6 cities on its map.

  4. The rumored cities are Vice City, Liberty City, a huge fraction of Los Santos, and two more cities from the GTA universe.

  5. The game’s main character will be named ‘Ricardo’ and it will have a female character called ‘Kasey’.

These 5 points look like the core leaks of the game yet. A lot of things can be built around these 5 points. Maybe the cities would be different or maybe the game era could change with time. As per leaks, the game is set to span over 10 years in-game time, so all the locations will change according to time. The vehicles, the apartments, the lifestyle of people around you, weather conditions everything is supposed to change with time.

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GTA 6 Characters and Gameplay

Building on these drug empire stories, the game is set to be heavily inspired by Narcos in terms of cutscenes and dialogues. We will witness a lot of dialogues in the native language of the South American countries. There was a strong wave of rumors going around that GTA will have a female lead character. With Kasey and Ricardo in consideration, we can expect a multi-character storyline again just like we witnessed in GTA 5. Or maybe Kasey will only be used for some side missions or maybe there aren’t any Ricardo and Kasey at all.

GTA 6 Rumored map part
GTA 6 Leaked Map

Talking about the gameplay, according to the leaks and reports, the game is set to be more arcade type than real-life. By arcade-type, I mean a bit less demanding than in real life. Like you don’t have to bathe and eat daily to maintain your health and all. The car mechanics are expected to be a lot more realistic. Just like the horse mechanics in RDR2.

When in the city, the players must carry their weapons in their car trunk instead of just roaming around on their back. It will lead to the police’s attention. The drug empire system is rumored to be massive. Like, you would have to grind really hard across the whole map. Complete missions build relations with other drug lords, no betrayal and stuff.

Latest Reddit Leak on GTA 6

Well, now that you know about all the prominent leaks on the game, let’s talk about the latest leak/rumor which is gaining some traction on Reddit. It was a post made by an anonymous Redditor and there is no idea how true it is.

He claims that he has been working with Rockstar Games for quite some time now. He then goes on to say that he can’t reveal his identity and he doesn’t care if you believe him as you all will soon know the truth. According to him, Rockstar Games are literally using GTA 5 online as a testing ground for GTA 6. Whatever new additions they make in the online mode are some kind of tests for their next game. He says that the work on GTA 6 has been going on for a decade now and even when RDR2’s development was in full force. There was always a team working on GTA 6 in some manner.

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He then says that the “Project Americas” title given by the community is somewhat true. There will be a total of 5 cities across 5 states. He says you all already know these 5 cities. He then says that there is also a sixth city which is a secret for now. So we may be getting a new city in the game which probably won’t be in the United States itself. Maybe somewhere in Mexico, Colombia, or Peru. After that, he said about how they are planning to use Los Santos in GTA 6 and they are cutting some part of the map. The rest of the maps are supposed to be fully included. The leaks have specially mentioned Liberty City and how stunning it is going to be. The Northern Pass is going to be visually the most pleasing place on the map.

GTA 6 cars

A Massive Project

In the final part, he says that the community is doing great in putting the pieces together of all the leaked reports but they are massively underrating the vision of this game. GTA 6 is going to surpass all your expectations and is going to put all your expectations into the mud. It is a huge project. Something which you can’t think of. He says T2( Rockstar’s parent company) won’t settle on anything less than a platform where GTA Online lives on forever. Get Ready!

The game will be launched only on the next-gen consoles i.e. the PS5 and Xbox One and of course the PC.


As I said above, there hasn’t been a single word by Rockstar Games, and still so many prominent leaks and rumors out there in the industry. There is no credibility of the latest rumor which was posted on Reddit but it also had some things common with the leaks made till now. We won’t say to trust any of these reports with all your heart. Maybe all of them can be true and maybe none of them can be true. All we can do is just wait and watch until the most awaited game GTA 6 comes out. Till then, do tell us which GTA games have you played and which one is your favorite.

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