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Guide To Play GTA 5 On Android Using Xbox Game Pass

gta 5 poster
gta 5 poster

Well, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that GTA V is probably the most popular game of all time. Even after 8 years since its launch, the game is being played by millions regularly. Even the developers are milking the game in every way possible until they bring out the next big blockbuster, GTA 6. GTA 5’s Online mode is endless, and you can do everything literally there. Streamers stream different kinds of stuff in GTA 5 online, like custom competitions or modded versions of the game.

In order to lure more players, Rockstar Games played a masterstroke in this pandemic when they made GTA 5 for free to all on the Epic Games’ free games month. You may think an eight-year-old game going for free is not a big deal, but when the game is GTA 5, it is a big deal. They are earning great revenue from people who got the game for free but are happily spending in-game for upgrades and whatnot in the online mode. Now get ready for another big move as you will be able to play GTA 5 on Android, and here is how.

GTA V with Xbox Game Pass

If you keep on following news about gaming and tech, then it would have probably hit your mind that a game like GTA 5 would only be playable on mobile phones through cloud gaming. And yes, that is the right answer. Microsoft offers cloud gaming on selected games in the Xbox Game Pass. Cloud gaming means playing games on the servers of the company that are providing you with this service. All you need is a good internet connection, Google Chrome above a specific version, and around 2-3 Gigabytes of RAM. The device doesn’t matter in cloud gaming. It could be your laptop, your PC, your Xbox Gaming console, or your android device.

GTA 5 Game Pass Mobile

Xbox Game Pass is having a great time recently, and the month of April has been probably one of the best months they ever had. They announced some great games which will be added to the library, like Major League Baseball The Show 2021 and NFL 2021. 3 days ago, Xbox made another announcement on Twitter where they released the list of all games which are added to the library in the month of April, and GTA 5 was in there too. Not every game gets cloud support, but because of GTA 5’s popularity, it is a very good move to add it to the list of cloud games.

How to get in on my Mobile

Now answering your biggest question. In order to play GTA 5 on your mobile devices, the first thing which you will need is an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscription. With this subscription, you get access to all the games, and you get access to cloud gaming. There is another pass which is a cheaper one, where you don’t get access to any cloud games. Once you buy the subscription, you can check out the list of cloud games in the library by downloading the Xbox app on your mobile device and play any of the games on your mobile devices. GTA 5 is on that list.

The requirements like internet and all are already mentioned above. Along with that, you will also need a Bluetooth game controller. There are 50+ games on xCloud that support touch control. So you can play them without any controller on your mobile devices. We have seen so many hoax videos since 2013 on Youtube where people show “LEGIT WAYS TO PLAY GTA 5 ON ANY MOBILE,” but all of them are fake and dangerous. This is the only way out there.

GTA V Online


The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will cost you $9.99 per month. In India, it will cost you Rs 700 per month. If you have never created an Xbox account, then you can enjoy the first month for just Rs 50. You will clearly get the idea about how the cloud game works and what kind of internet do you need to ensure a smooth gaming experience. One month is enough to complete so many smaller games, which you will get in the subscription. So you can try out cloud gaming and have a go at your other favorite games, all of this at Rs 50. After the month expires, it is completely up to you to carry on or not.

If you are a binge player (if there is any term like that), then Rs 700 per month on a gaming service that offers you so much is a great deal, actually. If you are a casual gamer, then there are other plans, or maybe you can just enjoy free games by keeping an eye on the games which are being released for free in the pandemic.

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