GTA 4 Ending Explained: Best Option Between Deal and Revenge Ending

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GTA 4 Ending Explained
GTA 4 Ending Explained

GTA IV or Grand Theft Auto 4 is a single-player action-adventure game that was out in 2008. It was developed by Rockstar North, Rockstar Games was the publisher, and Leslie Benzies was the producer of the game. It has a good plot with so many crime scenes and two endings. Players generally get in a dilemma for choosing among those two endings. Some of them demand an explanation. So, here, players will be having details on GTA 4 ending. GTA 4 was released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but later it made an entry to Microsoft Windows.

The plot is based on crimes, drugs, cheating, and revenge. The players control the protagonist, Niko Bellic. GTA 4 is available for gameplay in online multiplayer mode too. Furthermore, the makers of the game had their extreme focus on making the game very realistic. They keenly researched New York City and other places that they wanted to include. However, the map of the game isn’t vast, but you can find other details.

GTA 4 Ending Explained

GTA 4 has two possible endings, among which a player has to choose either of them. The developers of the game have designed the endings, Deal, and Revenge, in such a way that it becomes difficult for the player to choose. That is because if they choose the Deal ending, then Niko will lose his best friend, but if he chooses revenge, then he will lose Kate. Kate is the lady who is Niko’s date.

What If A Player Chooses Deal Ending?

In the deal ends, Niko’s friend Roman was getting married to Mallorie Bardas. Niko informs Kate they will be attending this meeting, and he is going to have a deal with rascal. Kate furiously scolds Niko and tells him not to do the deal. The next day, Niko had to attend the wedding without Kate. At the church, a man tries to kill Niko and claims that it is a gift from Rascalov, but Niko heroically defends himself. But in this fight, one gunshot accidentally kills Roman.

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GTA 4 Ending Explained
GTA 4 Deal Ending

Niko was not feeling good. He was extremely frustrated. Jacob, a very good friend of Niko, tells him that they will find Rascalov. The next day, Jacob informs Niko that he got the location of Rascalov’s men. Both the boys reach Rascalov and his men. They had a good fight, and finally, Niko won. The next day, Mallorie informs Niko that she is already pregnant with Roman’s child. So, Niko promises her that he will take care of the baby. Also, Kate promises Niko that she will never leave him alone.

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What If A Player Chooses Revenge Ending?

One morning, Niko informs Kate that he no longer wants to have any ties with Rascalov. Kate congratulates Niko and says that she will attend his friend Roman’s wedding. They both go to the church, but there, a black car arrives, and a frustrated Pegorino fires blindly on the crowd. His main target was Niko, but in this rush, Kate was killed.

GTA 4 Ending Explained
GTA 4 Revenge Ending

Now, Niko starts blaming himself but his friends promise that they will find Pegorino. The next day, Niko’s friends, Roman and Jacob, call Niko and inform him that they have found Pegorino. All three of them rush to the place and successfully kill Pegorino. After a few days, Roman informs Niko that his wife is pregnant, and if it is a girl then they will name after Kate.

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What Should a Player Choose Between GTA 4’s Deal and Revenge Ending?

A player should choose Revenge ending. That is because Roman is a great friend of Niko, and he always helps Niko. Also, Kate supports a lot, but it is said that she might betray Niko. She can betray him, but his friend Roman won’t go anywhere. Hence, the Revenge ending is the best among both. Also, it is an individual’s choice, but still, if you ask what is best, then we will suggest you go with the revenge ending. Furthermore, Niko can get another woman for dating purposes, but getting another friend like Roman it’s certainly difficult. So, what is more difficult, losing Roman or losing Kate? You know the answer, now.

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