Grimms Notes Anime Release Date and Updates

Grimms Notes anime has already been confirmed and recently the official website for Grimms Notes the Animation streamed a promotional video. This video revealed the anime’s premiere date. The anime is going to premiere on TBS on January 11. The anime will also air on BS-TBS on January 13. Square Enix revealed that the anime will not be five minutes long.

A new key visual for the anime has also been revealed. Here is the key visual of the anime—

The cast for the anime has also been revealed. Here is the cast in detail—

Ryota Ohsaka as Ekusu
Reina Ueda as Reina
Miyu Kubota as Shane
Takuya Eguchi as Tao
Takahiro Mizushima as Loki
Sumire Uesaka as Curly
Miyu Kubota as Alice
Risa Taneda as Akazukin (Little Red Riding-Hood)
Reina Ueda as Cinderella
Aoi Yūki as Shirayuki-hime (Snow White)
Junji Majima as Robin Hood

The anime is being directed by Seiki Sugawara (RIN-NE, D-Frag!) at Brains Base. Hiroshi Yamaguchi has been put in charge of the scripts and the character designs are being done by Kentarou Matsumoto. Fumiyuki Go is directing the spund and the music composition is being done by Mirai Kodai.

Grimms Notes Anime

The opening theme song, “Innocent Notes” is being performed by Ayana Taketatsu. idol unit i☆Ris will perform the ending theme song “Endless Notes.” Miyu Kubota who voices the main character Shane, is a member of i☆Ris.

In the game, characters from fairy tales and stories such as Alice in Wonderland, Aladdin and the Magic Lamp appear. The game is set in a world by being known as “Story Tellers”. The inhabitants of this world are bestowed with a “book of fate”. In this book, their entire lives are written in advance. However, some Chaos Tellers are writing bad events into the books. So, the holders of the blank books need to turn things around and get rid of them.

The game launched for iOS and Android devices in Japan on January 21, 2016 and has since garnered more than 17 million downloads. The game is free to play with in-game item purchases.

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