Grey’s Anatomy’s Forthcoming Episode The Most Powerful One: Krista Vernoff

Grey’s Anatomy boss gives out a hint about the forthcoming episode of the long-running show, Krista Vernoff on Monday said that the next episode is going to be the most powerful in the history of the said show. Grey’s Anatomy wasn’t expected to be the show that could change the television.

As it is likely to touch the social issue, critics see potential in the next episode. The next episode of the show is most likely going to be focused on consent. Vernoff said she specifically instructed the Grey’s Anatomy writers team to focus on social issues. The content is inspired by Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony against the supreme court.

She further added “With the Supreme Court situation happened this year, I wrote the writers, and I said, “we’ve to do something about consent. It hurts me too much. We have to do something. What these great writers brought to it are so much humanity and so much heart”.

According to her, Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony was her muse behind this episode which is expected to turn heads because of the social issue it’s going to touch.

Vernoff couldn’t stop praising Shonda Rhimes; she spoke about On Screen representation that she learned from Shonda when she spoke in a social group.

She further added how Shonda brings diversity on-screen. Speaking more of Rhimea she added, “she isn’t afraid to bring the wholeness of who she is into her wisdom as a leader. So when she leads, she leads with the full capacity of her knowledge”. Vernoff further said how Rhimes changed the T.V culture over the years by giving equal opportunities to the people of color.

By giving Rhimes the credit of the show is a success, she said Shonda Rhimes is not reasonable where she intended to compliment Rhimes. With the shows 11th season running now, the new twist in the story is surprising as well as the shock for the viewers.

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