Greenleaf Season 3 Episode 8: Dea Abscondita On OWN – Where To Stream?

In this post, we are going to talk about Greenleaf season 3 episode 8 release date, where to watch, and spoilers. The show has been centered on Bishop and Mae’s deteriorating relationship. However, many things are also revolving around them. One of them was Grace’s alleged involvement in Coralie Hunter case. Grace was seen shocked to hear that the attorney wants to reopen the case along with Mac. So, let’s get started with further information!

The show is now seven episodes deep into the third season, and the eighth episode is supposed to drop this week. The eighth episode of Greenleaf season 3 is scheduled to release on 17 October 2018. The show is broadcasted on OWN channel at 10 PM every Wednesday. Furthermore, there are several online ways to watch the show such Roku, where viewers can stream OWN channel.

Greenleaf Season 3 Episode 8

Moving on to what happened in the last episode, then we can say that it was again about Mae and Bishop fighting against each other. I really have no clue when is this going to stop, and whether it is going to resolve or not. They denied in the last episode to host “A Day With Lady Mae” at Calvary together. I really have doubts about whether they are going to be back together, as their rift is becoming more and more wider.

The show is going to be even more intense in the upcoming episode, as Zora is again going to trample everything. Jacob and Kerissa, even though being Zora’s parents, are unable to handle her. The Bishop is going to struggle a lot due to that spoiled little brat. Meanwhile, Grace is still struggling to defend her on Coralie Hunter case.

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