Greenhouse Academy Season 3: When Will It Come Out?

We don’t like cliffhangers! Especially the ones that do not guarantee the return of a series. Now, Greenhouse Season 3 is a mighty fine Netflix Original series. Season 2 of the series was recently aired, and it ended with a deadly cliffhanger. Fans are losing it over the cliffhanger and the fact that Season 3 of Greenhouse Academy hasn’t really been confirmed.

At the end of Season 2, we saw Hayley answer her door, but unfortunately the creators decided to leave the person across Hayley as a mystery. Now we do not know who’d arrived at Hayley’s door, was it Daniel? Was it Leo? Who can tell! It’s not for fans like us; we invest our time in binge-watching a love triangle like Greenhouse Academy only to be let down at the end.

Greenhouse Academy Season 3 Release

Greenhouse Academy Season 3: Key Details

The show has been moderately successful. The demands put forward by fans for Series 3 really tells us that it should be back. I mean there’s no reason as to why the show should be canceled. We do not have an official announcement regarding the possibility of Season 3 or the air date of the same. At the same time, if one were to consider that Season 2 of Greenhouse Academy just aired, we must wait with patience.

Netflix at the same time is considering the possibility of Season 3 for Greenhouse Academy, and we will be informed soon of the very same. Greenhouse Academy has all that you fans live-in competition, Love, humor! Star Dallas Hart has described Greenhouse Academy as:
“The best way to describe Greenhouse Academy is its kind of like Harry Potter without the magic.”

As fans of the show, you may know that Greenhouse Academy is based on the hit Israeli show The Greenhouse. Original showrunner, Giora Chamizer works for Greenhouse Academy too. Chamizer is known to have loved working on Greenhouse Academy. He spoke to the Jerusalem Post recently and said, “It’s unique with this age group where you still feel OK watching a show with your dad or your mom.”

Considering the romantic tension between Daniel, Leo, and Hayley keeps fans on their toes and Twitter has massively demanded a return of Greenhouse Academy, we must expect a confirmation to be out soon.

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