Green Mothers’ Club Episode 12 Release Date: The Creepy Case of Lipstick Stains & Stolen Hair

green mothers club episode 12

Now that a lot of questions related to Byun Cheon Hui have been answered this week, viewers are now highly anticipating the secrets of Kim Young Mi’s household to open up more at last in Green Mothers’ Club Episode 12. Young Mi is already suspicious of the way Gun Woo treats his children, and her recent finds imply a whole new turn for the show now.

Chun Hui’s life is also in shambles, and it is up to her to pick up the pieces and do what’s right. Both Eun Pyo and Chun Hui will be seeking redemption for the ways they treated their children. Meanwhile, viewers are also expecting to see how the relationship between Man Su and his wife Yoon Joo develops with Chun Hui’s frequent involvement in their lives in Episode 12 of Green Mothers’ Club.

Green Mothers’ Club Recap

Kim Young Mi visits Jin Ha’s household to find some answers of her own. She finds out that Luis is getting ready to move out and has put the house on listing, but nobody is keen on buying it because a person died there. But Young Mi’s real reason was to inquire about the household help, about her husband Oh Gun Woo, who used to frequent the house in order to interview Jin Ha. She finds out that before her death, he usually used to come to find her at least four times a week and would go on talk shut up in the studio for long hours.

green mothers club episode 12
Oh Gun Woo.

The housekeeper Nam tells her not to worry about any affairs between them because Seo Jin Ha was madly in love with her husband Luis, so much so that it seemed that honey dripped from her eyes whenever she looked at him. But maybe it’s because they both are artists; Nam recalls that they used to drink a lot of wine and raise their voices at each other. Nam also clues Young Mi on the fact that he came to visit her the day before she died, but Jin Ha turned him away with not so much as even a greeting, which according to Nam, was so unlike her.

When Gun Woo is out drinking with his friends, Young Mi gets a chance to look through his things, and good lord, what treasure she finds! In a small black box hidden in the corner of his shelves, she finds imprints of butterflies, a sketch of Jin Ha, her lipstick stain on a tissue paper, pieces of Jin Ha’s hair, and a shrug that Jin Ha used to wear often.

Tissue paper with lipstick stains found in Gun Woo’s possession by his wife Young Mi.

Meanwhile, on the other end, Jin Ha gets absolutely crushed by the educators who say that neither of her kids are suited for even the individual gifted programs. Feeling defeated, she calls her old flame and Yoon Joo’s husband, Man Su, and laments how she didn’t play any of the cards, from rejecting him to getting married to a doctor who was in debt for gambling, alcohol, and girls right in her life. We find out that her father has been bedridden in the hospital for ten years, yet his husband forces her to visit only her in-laws and makes her take care of them. Also, we finally find out the shady business she runs in the dark. She gives injections of Propofol, Fentanyl, and Nalbuphine. It is speculated that she met the insomniac Jin Ha before her death to give her medications for inducing sleep.

green mothers club episode 12
Man Su and Chun Hui.

Previously, we found out that Yoon Joo wrote a threatening letter to Chun Hui when she found out about the nature of her husband Man Su and Chun Hui’s relationship, but people thought that Jin Ha wrote that letter to her. Well, she took many prints of her letter, which she absent-mindedly gave to her daughter Su In to play with. Su In made origami out of it and gifted it to Dong Seok, which is how Eun Pyo got her hands on it. Of course, she confronts Yoon Joo about it and concludes that she must not tell this to anyone and that they should just let the dead Jin Ha take the brunt for it.

green mothers club episode 12
Yoon Joo and Eun Pyo.

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Green Mothers’ Club Episode 12 Release Date & Expectations

Green Mothers’ Club Episode 12 will be released on 12th May 2022, at 10:30 PM KST (Thursday). The time according to other regions’ time-zones, are 7 PM IST, 11:30 PM AEST, and 8:30 AM EST. Expect Young Mi finding more blood-curdling secrets about her husband, updates on Jin Ha’s death case, and Eun Pyo’s experiences of finally becoming a university professor at GeoSeong’s rival university.

Watch Green Mothers’ Club Episode 12 Online – Streaming Details

After the episodes finish airing on JTBC, interested viewers can stream Episode 12 of The Green Mothers’ Club on the online streaming platform Netflix with subtitles in many languages at their disposal.

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