Green Mothers’ Club Episode 11 Release Date: Eun Pyo & Chun Hui Try To Undo Their Damages

green mothers club episode 11

Previously on Green Mothers’ Club, Lee Eun Pyo lost all sense of the plot due to her trying to avenge Byeon Chun Hui’s evil deeds. Well, she does end up crushing Chun Hui’s standing to fine dust, but also loses her own values of bringing up her children that she held before. Ergo, viewers are looking forwards to Green Mothers’ Club Episode 11 to see how she makes those amends.

On the other hand, Byeon Chun Hui’s daughter Yu Bin who always grew up trying to achieve all the academic accolades her mother pressured her to get, has completely broken down, with her mind resorting to rationalizing compulsive lying about her being the first at every competition. Chun Hui’s son Young Bin also gets depressed, admitting he is inadequate and telling her that he is sorry about his academic underperformance and that he knows that Chun Hui is unhappy because of him.

Well, Chun Hui’s methods may be evil, but she is, after all, a mother who wants the best for her kids. Seeing them visibly wilt away thus starts the redemption arc of Byun Chun Hui, or at least that’s what viewers are expecting from Green Mothers’ Club Ep 11.

Green Mothers’ Club Recap

In order to counteract the ridiculous blame of sexual molestation that Yu Bin puts on Dong Seok, Eun Pyo starts getting aggressive about her wish of winning the upper hand with the other mothers. And the only way to do that is, of course, to make Dong Seok shine so bright that the mothers come down off their high horses and start to fawn over him. Thus Eun Pyo makes him participate in television quiz shows, mathematics shows, and creative shows. Moreover, she also forces him to pull late hours into studying, not letting him have playtime with his little brother.

green mothers club episode 11
Dong Seok winning a competition.

Well, all the awards, accolades, and glamour that her little genius son Don Seok had been garnering was all fun and games until all the pressure she had been putting on him shuts him down completely – Dong Seok ends up peeing his pants after running away from giving a presentation, breaks a lego building he made, and putting a paper bag on his face refusing to see his mother anymore.

green mothers club episode 11
Dong Seok puts a paper bag on his face.

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Green Mothers’ Club Episode 11 Release Date & Episode Preview

Green Mothers’ Club Episode 11 will release on 11th May 2022, at 10:30 PM KST (Wednesday). The time according to other regions’ time-zones is 7 PM IST, 11:30 PM AEST, and 8:30 AM EST. For the preview of Episode 11 of Green Mothers’ Club, we see Eun Pyo sitting with her husband Jung Jae Woong, asking him whether what she did was wrong. Dong Seok has stopped all communication with his mom, and Eun Pyo is hopeful that he will start talking after they find out the root of his problem. Eun Pyo has gotten her priorities sorted out finally, and tells her kids Dong Ju and Dong Seok that from now on, the only thing she wants is for them to be able to smile happily.

Moreover, since this week we saw Eun Pyo getting appointed as a professor of Aesthetics, she goes out to see her deceased friend Seo Jin Ha’s memorial plaque, telling her how she never even felt that Jin Ha ever considered her a true friend and that she feels sorry for how everything turned out to be.

green mothers club episode 11
Eun Pyo in the University she will be teaching in.

Meanwhile, Yu Bin cries to her mother, saying even she doesn’t know the reason for her compulsive lying. Chun Hui assures her daughter that she will find out the reason behind all this, while her father, Kim Ju Seok, brazenly asks Chun Hui whether his daughter’s wits are all gone or what!

Chun Hui.

On the other hand, Kim Young Mi’s creepy husband Oh Gun Woo makes an appearance in the preview for ep 11 of Green Mothers’ Club – this time, he says to Young Mi that he wants his family to be a perfect one, but why does it feel like he is the only one whose loneliness keeps growing. Viewers are anticipating the expansion of Kim Young Mi’s family storyline in the coming episodes.

Watch Green Mothers’ Club Episode 11 Online – Streaming Details

After the episodes finish airing on JTBC, interested viewers can stream Episode 11 of The Green Mothers’ Club on the online streaming platform Netflix with subtitles in many languages at their disposal.

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