DBS Manga Just Showed Us A Glimpse Of The Grand Priest’s Real Power

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The recent chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga pointed out quite a few things to us. First, it told us more about the Gods of Destruction, who were having a battle royal. Goku vs Toppo was heating up as well, and Toppo officially confirmed that Jiren was actually a being stronger than a God of Destruction. According to Toppo, in terms of strength, Jiren is superior to Belmod, who is the God of Destruction of Universe 11.

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Speaking of Gods of Destruction, they’re having a fight of their own, and we saw Beerus effortlessly dodging them in the previous chapter. This time around, it was more of a big fight. While the anime also had this fight, it wasn’t really shown in all its glory, like it was in the manga.

The Dragon Ball Super manga outdoes the anime, when it comes to providing additional details. I think Toyotaro does a really great job in the manga, and in this chapter, he showed us a glimpse of the power of the Grand Priest.

The Grand Priest is very high up the pecking order, when you look at it. We have the Gods of Destruction, then the angels, and above them is the Grand Priest. Above Grand Priest is Zeno, but one big thing that often goes unnoticed about Zeno is the fact that he is not a combatant. He cannot fight. He does have the power to erase anything, but he cannot fight, which is why he has guards. So, in terms of fighting prowess, I guess you could say that the Grand Priest is above everyone else.

He literally proved this in the manga, when he was able to stop Beerus and Quitela’s punches with just his finger. That’s right! The power of a God of Destruction means nothing to him, and he’s far more powerful than that. I know it is something that was expected, really. However, we didn’t know that a God of Destruction’s power was so insignificant in front of him. I personally cannot wait to see more from him both in the anime and the manga.

There are several theories regarding the Grand Priest, and many go as far as to say that he’s actually evil, and if that’s the case, the power level in Dragon Ball Super will hit a whole new height. So far, the Grand Priest could only be seen as a mysterious character. But, we may be able to see him in action soon. The Tournament of Power will only last for about 3-4 months in my opinion, and maybe we’ll get to see his power in the future.


New Official Images of Ultra Instinct Goku Revealed!

Hey everyone! Today, I’m gonna be talking about Ultra Instinct Goku. Goku’s Ultra Instinct appeared for the first time during the One-Hour Special of Dragon Ball Super, where Goku fought against Jiren. After getting battered by Jiren, Goku was finally able to tap into his real potential, thanks to the Spirit Bomb. After that, Goku was able to use a power completely new to him. Among the Gods, it was known as Migatte no Gokui, or Ultra Instinct, or Mastery of Self-movement.

Dragon Ball Super Goku VS Jiren Fight Gets Worst Rating Ever In Dragon Ball History!

Ultra Instinct is a power that allows some to react to incoming threats without having to think about it. It was first mentioned in the series by Whis. Whis taught it to Beerus at first, who seems to have a hang of this technique, but he mastered it completely. Later, Whis taught it to Goku and Vegeta.

While neither of them were able to grasp it at first, Goku seems to have learned this ability completely now. Because of not having any power right now, he cannot tap into its energy. However, we all know that Goku is going to get this form again, one way or the other. Recently, a Jump cover also promoted Goku’s new Ultra Instinct form, and it shows Goku in his regular attire, however, with silver eyes, like the ones that he has in Ultra Instinct form.

I think it won’t be long until we see Ultra Instinct again. But that’s not all.

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