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The Grand Priest Might Not Need To Destroy Zeno-Sama Afterall

The last episode of “Dragon Ball Super” says it all. The two Zeno-Samas are kind of dumb. They can’t even count up to ten properly. But being the King of all, Zeno was feared by all the Gods and Angels alike. And when you know that there’s a terrific power like that of Zeno, you would want to have that power. That’s why there are theories about how Grand Priest might want to destroy Zeno. But it might not be needed after all.

I got a theory that Zeno-Sama doesn’t actually have that godly power. For some reason, no one would give that kind of power to some toddler. I don’t know what the hell did Toei, and Akira Toriyama was thinking when they created Zeno-Sama. I facepalmed a little bit at first. A God with guards doesn’t really make sense. It got me thinking, is Zeno-Sama really the God of All? The Omni-King?

It makes me think that The Grand Priest is the real Omni-King. He is literally the one who gets all the important things done. He is also the one that Zeno listens to. The reason why they like to make Zeno the most powerful person-figure in the multiverse is still vague to me. But it answers a lot of plot holes of the anime.

The theory would explain why there are two Zenos and only one Great Priest. A Deity will not be replicated in another “alternate timeline” if he is really the God of Everything. It is very simple, when you mean “everything”, it means all the alternate timelines and all the alternate universes. If you’re the God that manages all, a God for every timeline is not necessary.


There’s no need for the Great Priest to dethrone Zeno-Sama when in reality, he is the Zeno-Sama. He is the most powerful being, and he gazes through all the creations and eliminating what needs to eliminate. Think of it this way, if Zeno-Sama is a God of Destruction, the Great Priest is the Angel that stands on the top of Zeno-Sama.



Written by Keira Alexandria

My name is Keira Alexandria and I'm from the Philippines. I'm proud to say that I'm a hardcore anime fan. I have watched lots of anime and have read lots of manga. I mainly write about Dragon Ball Super. You can get in touch with me at

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