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Spoilers and Preview: Grace Episode 1

Preview: Grace Episode 1, ITV's New Crime Drama
John Simm as DS Roy Grace and Richie Campbell as DS Branson in ITV's Grace

ITV is already known for abundant crime drama shows. Much like Endeavour, Marcella and Unforgotten are now adding another sho from the genre to its wide catalog. Grace adapted from Peter James’s fiction book series named “Roy Grace” is all set to debut. The book series is quite popular itself. There are a total of 18 books in the series, and many of them have been translated into 37 different languages. Now, created by Endeavour’s Russell Lewis, Peter James adapt the books into the crime-drama for the first run on ITV. So here we are, breaking down everything you should about this new crime drama that is all set to grace the screens of ITV.

Grace originally follows the story of the titular character from Peter James’ fictional series. The first series is being adapted from his debut novel titled “Dead Simple”. A two-hour episodic film that is all set to air on ITV. The show in its entirety is filmed in Brighton. Including places like Brighton Palace Pier, the Van Alen Building, and Sydney Street.  So anyway, let’s start talking about Grace by taking a look at the plot, cast, and of course, the release date.

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Grace – Plot

The first two-hour feature-length episode of Grace will follow the same story as Peter James’s debut novel. According to the official synopsis, the series will open with Roy Grace at his career’s downfall. His unorthodox policing methods are questioned during a local trial. Broken down and haunted by his wife’s disappearance six years ago, Detective Grace Roy struggles with his job. Throughout the years, he is demoted to work on colder cases that don’t require much work.

Preview: Grace Episode 1, ITV's New Crime Drama

From ITV’s Grace

Working on cold cases seems like visiting the old memories time and again. Until Grace’s good old friend Detective Sergeant Glenn Branson approaches him with a rather odd case. A local property developer who is riding high on success suddenly disappears days before his marriage. Branson is determined to take Roy out of his chair and use his brilliant mind to solve this case at any cost.

Soon, Grace and Branson are joined by Detective Constable Emma Jane Boutwood, Detective Constable Nick Nicholl, and Detective Sergeant Bella Moy. Piece by Piece, the team breakdown everything that happened during the stag night prank that went wrong. The prank eventually led the groom to disappear only three days before his marriage with his fiance. There is not much time as the wedding is three days away. But, Grace and his intellectual instincts lead the investigation towards a much darker truth turning the missing person case into a much serious case.

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The Cast Of Grace

Preview: Grace Episode 1, ITV's New Crime Drama

John Simm Takes The Lead For ITV’s Grace

The cast of Grace is led by John Simm who is known for his ventures on shows like Life on Mars and Doctor Who. Here he adores the central character as DS Roy Grace. Simm is being joined by Richie Campbell (Waterloo Road and The Bill) as Detective Sergeant Glenn Branson. Furthermore, the cast also includes Rakie Ayola(Black Mirror and Holby City) as Assistant Chief Constable Alison Vospe and Laura Elphinstone(HBO’s Game Of Thrones, Chernobyl, and Line Of Duty) as DS Bella Moy. Plus, also joining the main cast is Amaka Okafor(The Split and Des) as DC Emma Jane Boutwood and Alisha Bailey(Save Me, Strike) as Ashley Haynes.

ITV’s Grace Episode 1 Release Date

ITV’s Grace Episode 1 will release on Sunday, 14 March 2021, on ITV. It is titled “Dead Simple” and will run for two hours, much like a full-length feature film.  Also, as mentioned above takes cues from Peter James’ debut book of the same name. The episode is expected to cover the story of the book entirely. The show is created and written by Russell Lewis who in a recent interview mentioned how thrilled he is to adapt the series.

Preview: Grace Episode 1, ITV's New Crime Drama

John Simms And Richie Campbel All Set To Star In ITV’s New Crime Drama Grace

Russell has mentioned that he finds each and every story interesting. Plus, he also mentioned that he adores Peter’s meticulous research and eye for detail. Lewis applauded Peter’slong-established, close relationship with the police. Including the knowledge about Brighton. All of which Peter combines and blends in smoothly in Grace. As of now, it’s been reported two of the stories, including Dead Simple, are adapted for the series, with another one releasing soon. You can check out the official trailer for ITV’s Grace which is as of now available on the Facebook page of The Argus.

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