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Good Girls Season 5 Cancelled – The Reason NBC Pulled The Plug

Good Girls Season 5 Cancelled
From Good Girls Featuring Christina Hendricks as Elizabeth "Beth" Boland, Retta as Ruby Hill and Mae Whitman as Annie Marks

Good Girls Season 4 is coming to close this month of July. The story doesn’t end here for sure, and there is a need for the fifth season to complete it. But, problems were everywhere. Despite having a good run and chances that NBC was actually looking forward to a Season 5 renewal of Good Girls. Things didn’t work out in the end, we guess, from financial problems to strained relationships between the staircase. All this might have led to getting Good Girls Season 5 Cancelled. Here is our take on what went down and what reports suggest about the cancellation of the series.

The late May saw reports coming in that Good Girls wasn’t doing much good to NBC. So it was on the verge of going out. There were a lot of financial problems. Renewing the show wasn’t a great option. Still, the network was ready to push the show for a short 8-10 episode season that will serve as their swan song. A much-needed closure for the fans will finish the story of Beth, Ruby, and Annie. They planned to execute it with pay cuts which the stars Christina Hendricks, Mae Whitman, and Retta agreed for. There were plans to start the production soon in the Spring of 2021. But something went wrong? What?

Why Was Good Girls Season 5 Cancelled?

At the moment, it is speculated that the financial problems NBC was facing are the main culprit behind the cancellation. There were problems which didn’t let the show have a go. NBC wanted to bring the show for one last run, an insider told. But, their calculations didn’t make the financials work, leading them to cancel the show abruptly and ending its story nowhere to go after the fourth season. So we may or may not have a proper conclusion to the series when it ends later on 22nd July 2021.

Good Girls Season 5 Cancelled

From Good Girls Featuring Christina Hendricks as Elizabeth “Beth” Boland, Retta as Ruby Hill, and Mae Whitman as Annie Marks

There were more sources that came forward to bring in more issues that suggested the reason behind Good Girls Season 5 getting canceled. It was more than just money. Manny Montana, who plays the role of Rio in the show, was one of the centerpieces here in the show. The sources say, Money was in for the actor as an issue, but it was also the scheduling conflicts and his relationship with one of the actors in the show. The relationship has been quite rough for the past few years. So let’s take a look at who it is and what the past has to say about it.

Christina Hendricks And Manny Montana’s Relationship – The Speculated Reason for Cancellation

The relationship between Christina Hendricks and Manny Montana has been quite bumpy for the past few years. Both the actors have taken shots at each other when it comes to interviews. Thus, letting the world know about their not-so-great working relationship. So, this has led many to speculate the reason Manny Montana has not much interest in the show’s renewal. Now the financial problems from NBC just made it a more easy exit.

Hendricks And Manny Might Be reason Good Girls Season 5 Is Cancelled

From Good Girls Featuring Christina Hendricks as Elizabeth “Beth” Boland and Manny Montana as Rio

In previous interviews, Manny Montana described the working relationship as come and go. They arrive at the sets, do their job, and leave. Christina Hendricks, on the other hand, has praised Montana’s work and the chemistry they carry. But also has strictly called it professional even if the fans love the characters they play of Beth and Rio. Once against, she recalled their working relationship to always be professional. Hendricks also stated that Montana avoids calling her name on sets and refers to her as Chris, which she hates.

So that’s it. Now it seems like an inevitable end for Good Girls was just around the corner one way or another. NBC tried its best shot trying to save it but now once the finale of Good Girls Season 4 hits. We might be left on an unexpected cliffhanger unless the creators pull something off. Something that will make sense and the absence of a fifth season will be justified. With no Manny Montana in the picture playing Rio, the story could have been quite difficult to see a closure. He was playing a keen part incoming end of the show, and girls were pulling off their own plans as well. We would have to wait and watch for Good Girls Season 4. The next episode arrives on July 8, 2021.

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