Goo Ryun And Park Joon Gil’s Past Revealed In ‘Tomorrow Episode 12’

Tomorrow Ep 12

Inspired by Llama’s popular webtoon by the same name, Tomorrow is stealing hearts, and spreading awareness, all the while driving us crazy with its intriguing and mysterious storyline. Furthermore, the thrilling fantasy series is directed by Kim Tae Yoon (A Cruel Attendance) and Sung Chi Wook (Special Labor Inspector Jo) who have brilliantly shed light on important issues without slowing down the pace of the drama and keeping viewers entertained. The layered storyline of this drama is the genius work of Park Ran, Park Ja Kyung, and Kim Yu Jin. Finally, in Tomorrow Episode 12 we will find out what role did Goo Ryun and Park Joong Gil play in each other’s past lives.

The show does not have one dull moment. If you are not worrying about whether the risk management team will be able to rescue their case then you will be stressing out about the crimes that they have committed in the past. Fans sensed a tension between Goo Ryun and Park Joong Gil ever since the very first episode of Tomorrow. Both of them see each other in the memories they have of their past lives. Tomorrow Ep 12 will unravel what is the story behind Goo Ryun and Park Joon Gil.

What To Expect From Tomorrow Episode 12?

Each new episode Tomorrow takes us through a roller coaster of emotions. The previous episode of the thriller fantasy kdrama was about a sexual assault victim and her brother. The series tackled yet another important issue and provided comfort to whoever knows someone that has gone through sexual assault or knows someone who has. Because of online trolls, the victim actually began to believe that everything that happened to her was her fault and not the perpetrators. She tries to kill herself and when Goo Ryun tries to help her she confesses that she harms herself not to actually die but to forget the pain even if it is for a moment. What fans did not expect was for Goo Ryun to roll up her own sleeves and show the scars she has on her own hands from cutting herself.

Tomorrow Ep 12 Release Date

She comforts the victim by saying that she has held up remarkably well and the scars should be proof of how badly she wants to live. Always fierce and classy, Goo Ryun was no exception in this episode as addressed the courtroom as a prosecutor. Apart from the case, Goo Ryun went to see the director enquire her about who Park Joong Gil is. It seems that she said he only has the same face as the person she knows but is now turning back on her words. Park Joong Gil too keeps asking Goo Ryun why she is a part of his nightmares and if he is in hers too. Goo Ryun lies that he isn’t. In Tomorrow Episode 12 we will finally get to see who they were in their past lives.

Tomorrow Ep 12 Release Date

Did Goo Ryun kill Park Joong Gil? or considering his hot temper did Park Joong Gil hurt Goo Ryun? Fans have been pulling their hair out wondering what actually went on in their past lives. Luckily, Tomorrow Episode 12 will be releasing on the 7th of May. Moreover, after the director asked Goo Ryun if she is afraid she has killed the person Park Joong Gil loved the most in the previous episode, the wait for Tomorrow Ep 12 became even more painful. With how stunning the two look, the viewers of Tomorrow have been shipping them. And although we hope they turn out to be lovers, there are high chances that Park Joong Gil and Goo Ryun have deeply hurt each other in their past lives. Hopefully, Episode 12 of Tomorrow comes bearing good news.

Tomorrow Ep 12 Preview
Tomorrow cr: MBC

Where To Watch Tomorrow Kdrama Episode 12?

The original broadcasting network for this mind-blowing kdrama is MBC. Furthermore, Tomorrow Episode 12 will be releasing at 9:50 pm KST on MBC this Saturday. For International viewers the timings are  6:20 am in India, 8:50 pm in the United States, 12:50 am in the United Kingdom, 11:50 am in Australia, and 8:50 pm in Canada. Viewers who wish to stream Tomorrow Episode 12, can watch it on Netflix. Do not miss out on Tomorrow Ep 12 if you want to find out what was Goo Ryun’s crime!

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