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Goo Pil Soo Is Not There KDrama: Everything We Know

updates on Goo Pil Soo Is Not There
Yoon Doo Joon to feature in the upcoming drama Goo Pil Soo Is Not There

Upcoming Drama Goo Pil Soo Is Not There is a recent talk of the town. In the main cast of the drama actor, Yoon Doo Joon has been cast. Accompanied by actor Kwak Do Won. This drama is being stated as the long-awaited return of the actor Yoon Doo Joon on the small screen. This will be Yoon Doo Joon’s first acting project after being discharged by the South Korean military in 2020. Yoon Doo Joon is also extremely famous in South Korea. He is a Korean singer and an actor. And any slight details about him or any recent news related to him catch the media attention much quickly. The 31-year-old actor Yoon Doo Joon is also known as Doojoon. And is also the leader of the South Korean boy’s band Highlight.

Earlier, Yoon Doo Joon was an actor under Cube Entertainment. But in 2016, he, along with the other members of his band, left the entertainment. Ever since then, he has been under Us Entertainment. He has maintained a steady and apt balance between his overall singing and acting career as a whole. Acting alongside Yoon Doo Joon in the drama, we will see the actor Kwak Do Won in the main lead role as well. Kwak Do Won is a 47-year-old South Korean actor. He is a veteran actor and is much known and respected in the industry. His acting skills are much credible, and he has been active in his career throughout. He even appeared in numerous projects to date.

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Upcoming Drama Goo Pil Soo Is Not There

Goo Pil Soo Is Not There updates

The main lead of the drama Goo Pil Soo Is Not There

Much recently, the news was floating about Yoon Doo Joon considering his role in the upcoming drama. Now he has finally approved for the drama. And very soon, we will be seeing him in the drama Goo Pil Soo Is Not There. This series will be his comeback and is known to be a bromance series overall. His return on the small screen was much awaited by his fans. on 1st May, his agency announced the confirmation of his part in the drama. The drama will feature the veteran actor Kwak Do Won along with him. The filming of the drama hasn’t started off yet. The filming of the drama will begin in July 2021. Prior to which the rest of the cast members will be finalized, and the pre-production of the same will be started.

This drama will be a little different. Unlike the other cliche drama, and will deal with the bromance between the two. The story of a man in his forties and a young fellow filled up with dreams in his twenties. How the stories of their life will be depicted will be something to root for. Since the drama is said to be extremely fun and light, with the comedy elements combined, the drama will surely be a treat to watch. The drama will deal with the life of two people.

Goo Pil-Soo is the protagonist, along with Jeong Seok. While Jeong Seok is a young fellow filled up with dreams and eager on staring a start-up. At the same time, Goo Pil-Soo was once a well-known boxer. Even at the age of 40, currently struggling throughout, he still aspires to become successful. While even Jeong Seok has had a tough life and his only possible way out through his life problems is to make his start-up work.

Goo Pil Soo Is Not There Release Date

The release date of the Goo Pil Soo Is Not There is still not known, but it is expected to release in Fall 2021. The filming of the drama will begin in July 2021. The chances are high that the drama will air by the end of this year.

updates on k-drama Goo Pil Soo Is Not There

The cast of the drama Goo Pil Soo Is Not There

Goo Pil Soo Is Not There Cast

As of casting in main leads, we will see actors Kwak Do Won and Yoon Doo Joon. Kwak Do Won has been cast for the role of Goo Pil-So. At the same time, Yoon Doo Joon has been cast for playing the role of Jeong Seok. The screenwriter of the drama is Son Geun Joo. And the genres of the drama include comedy and drama. The drama is also popularly known as You can’t go back, and there is no Go Pil Soo.

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