Why Goku’s Ultra Instinct Is Not The Real Deal


Goku once again proved us that he is the man after breaking his limit the second time in the Tournament of Power. And beside from being the best warrior in his universe, he is also the first mortal to achieve the Ultra Instinct. Needless to say, Goku has grown a lot since the start of the Tournament.

And because of his habit of breaking his limit, he achieved Ultra Instinct, the state that even the Gods cannot attain easily. Even though Goku seems to imitate the state of Ultra Instinct, his version is quite not the same. Maybe because of Goku’s unprepared state when he discovered UI and him prematurely using the form is the reason for the difference. It is just possible that Goku’s Ultra Instinct is not the real deal.

Vegeta ultra instinct

The reason is Goku’s version of the Ultra Instinct releases a lot of heat when he uses it. Sometimes I wonder what material is his Gi made up of because it never burns even under the tremendous heat, but is obviously another story. The heat, as Whis said, is the limit of Goku’s UI. There’s no mistaking that the heat SHOULD NOT BE THERE in the original Ultra Instinct.

Just like the Super Saiyan Blue’s God Ki, Goku’s UI might be a diluted version of the original UI. Whis doesn’t produce heat when he uses Ultra Instinct. Even though Beerus doesn’t master it yet, he also does not release a great amount of heat like Goku. In fact, if Jiren is actually an Ultra Instinct user, he might actually have the real version of the form.

Everyone can use Ultra Instinct to their heart’s content as long as they are aware of their bodies and they have sharp instincts. But to be able to use the form without drawbacks, you need to at least be able to use the God Ki naturally, like Beerus and Whis. Why? Because standard Ki is a lot weaker than God Ki. If power level matters in the usage of Ultra Instinct, being able to use God Ki naturally will get rid of the drawbacks, like the famous stamina issue that is plaguing high-leveled transformations.


Here’s How Tournament Of Power Could Have Two Universe Winners

With two universes already erased and some universes down to their final warriors, you can see the desperation of everyone to win the Tournament of Power. Nobody wanted to be erased and everybody wants to have a wish to the Super Dragon Balls. And the saddest part of this is when we saw characters from other universes that had good character development get erased. I mean, Cabba might be less significant now than Kale and Caulifla, but his character development is good.

I know that you don’t really want our Universe 7 guys to get erased, but I can also understand why you don’t want the likes of Hit to get eliminated either. It seems like there will only be one universe to win and we need to say goodbye to the characters that we loved. But when you think about it, there are ways to make two universes win in the Tournament of Power. And here is one of them.

Fusion is the key. You read it right, fusion is not only good for making a very powerful warrior. Fusion can make everything more interesting and more complicated. But how would a Fusion be able to make two universes win? By fusing two warriors from different universes.

Imagine if Kefla remains and Universe 7 finally decided to use Vegito Blue. If the two fusion warriors will do the Fusion Dance, they…