Why Goku’s Ultra Instinct Is Different Than The Officially Released Form?!

Howdy, I wonder you guys are thinking exactly the same question and why not? If It’d be an error in animating or the studio is misleading/ spreading lies then I will be the one to inform you about it. However, this is not the case here.

Goku’s Ultra Instinct state is achieved by breaking the walls of one’s limits and getting to the deeper potential within. This state while initially increasing the user’s capacities vastly more than even X20 Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-Ken, the equally augmented mental parameters allow the user to quickly and noticeably imprint on the battle, steadily evolving their power and efficiency with each exchange.

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The unique properties of this state appear to allow the user to reenergize and essentially negate all previous injuries. However, the “Omen’s” greatest strength is that it gives its user the Ultra Instinct ability.

Now, coming straight to the topic;

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Before the release of ‘Ultra Instinct,’ there were too many tweets from the studio of Dragon Ball Super that “New form is coming”

And just after the release of ‘Ultra Instinct’ we got an amazing confirmation from the studio, “Ultra Instinct is not a form, it’s a technique.” I can perfectly guess what you people are thinking and trust me I think exactly the same.

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Ultra Instinct has released just a symptom of the new form, That’s why the word “Kizashi” is used again and again for this new form. Which is no-doubt the synonym of Symptom.

It is used as same as we say “this pain is a symptom of heavy exercise” and here it means Ultra Instinct is a Symptom of Goku’s new form the limit Breaker or are the symptoms of some other form which confirms that we will be going to see true and mastered ultra instinct soon. Also, in the episode 113 Whis said that Goku’s skills are being sharpened.

And, later on, In the recent episode of Dragon Ball Super Goku says “I’m getting hang of it, Of Ultra Instinct”

In short, Goku’s new form is different than the form that was officially released, It’s because Ultra Instinct is not the form that was teased by the studio. It’s some other form which will be attained by Goku in his next fight against Jiren.

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What makes me so sure of it is, The studio and animation staff has been hinting at it.

Maybe, the form revealed by the studio is the second step or final step of Ultra Instinct, Currently, Goku can only use UI defensively. He can dodge and counter unconsciously but still has to measure his attacks. Next step is going on the offense, to be able to attack without thought and disinhibit his strikes.

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Just like blue, the Ultra Instinct form is a defense/speed/reflex part of the ultra instinct and that red form that we’ve got on the image from Toei is actually the attacking part which increases strength/power.

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The Ultra Instinct has two parts. These are offense and defense, as revealed by Whis on episode 116. I believe Vegeta will master the offensive side of Ultra Instinct and compensate Goku’s defensive Ultra Instinct, in conjunction to the Vegito (or Gogeta, in case Jiren destroys the potara) theory. Thus, allows the fusion to attain the complete Ultra Instinct.

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This will at least get some limelight on Vegeta and as the preview says, Vegeta won’t be able to defense while trying to fight against some other warrior, but what If he masters the offense side. As he still has a lot of stamina within him.

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What are your thoughts regarding my theory?


New DBS 118 Spoilers CONFIRMED Erasure Of One Universe

Dragon Ball Super has been really exciting for the past couple of weeks, and the Tournament of Power is certainly heating up. What’s more, according to spoilers, the next couple of episodes will be very interesting, because Universe 2, Universe 7, Universe 6, and hopefully some members from other Universes will be in action. To top it all off, there will be one less Universe after episode 118 of Dbs, as confirmed by the spoilers for the next couple of episodes.

We know that Universe 2 is about to go all out against Goku, and that Android 17, and Android 18 will rush to his help. So, since Universe 2 are already in a tough spot, many have speculated that it is going to be them. But, recent events have made the elimination of Universe 6 seem a lot more likely.

Universe 6 stared off very well. However, they lost Frost, Hit, and Cabba too quickly, in my opinion. After Hit, there was really no hope for them but to count on Kafla, who was doing great, but was up against Goku, unfortunately. Due to the sudden awakening of Ultra Instinct, Goku was able to fight, and dominate Kafla in battle. Ultimately, she was defeated as well. Right now, Universe 6 only has 2 fighters left, and they are the Namekians, Saoneru and Pirina.

Last we saw them, they were fighting against Gohan, and Piccolo, and it seemed like an even match. Now, this is where it gets interesting. According to the spoilers for Episode 118 of Dragon Ball Super, Gohan and Piccolo will still be fighting against Saoneru and Pirina.

However, this will be their episode to shine. Despite having trouble against them, Piccolo will come up with a strategy, and it looks like this is it for the Namekians from Universe 6. If that truly is the case, then, Universe 6 will be the one to get erased next.

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