Is This Goku’s Trump Card Against Jiren?

Dragon Ball Super is getting closer and closer to what fans have anxiously been waiting for. Our Z warrior Goku from Universe 7 is up against Ribrianne next, but that’s not what I’m talking about of course. I talking about Goku’s fight against Jiren. Jiren is a member of the Pride Troopers from Universe 11. He’s been called their stronger member by Toppo who is equal to Goku himself. Toppo was even a candidate for the God of Destruction spot, and so you can contemplate how strong he actually is. This also gives us a sort of an idea, as to how strong Jiren might be.

Someone who cannot defeat Toppo can definitely not beat Jiren, but this is Goku we’re talking about here. He always finds a way. Goku has been fighting opponents stronger than him since a long time now, and every time, he’s come up with something new.

Even this time, we have the Limit Breaker form, that is said to be Goku’s new form. He’ll be using it against Jiren when the two fight pretty soon. There are a lot of theories as to what the limit breaker really will be, and none of them are concrete so far. I’ve written a couple myself. So, I really don’t wanna get into the Limit Breaker here. But, I do wanna talk about Goku and Jiren.

From what we know, Goku is going to use Kaio-ken against Jiren. This will multiply his power, and will give him a chance against him, but it won’t be enough. Goku will go as far as using Kaio-ken x20 against Jiren, which means the power level of his Super Saiyan Blue x20 won’t be enough to deal with Jiren. This gives us a slight idea of how strong Jiren really is.

We also know that Goku will be using the Genki Dama on Jiren, but to be honest, I don’t think it would work, because he’ll be using it in the same episode when he fights Jiren.The fight can’t just end in one episode, so you can either expect it to fail, or Goku actually absorbs it , like most theories state. But, what exactly is Limit Breaker? Is it absorbing the energy of others? To me, that doesn’t seem like breaking any limits. That’s just borrowed power. Rather I think Limit breaker will be God ki combined with Kaio-ken in such a manner that Goku’s power will be multiplied by 100x.

This has been foreshadowed in the Limit Break x Survivor opening theme of Dragon Ball Super as well, where they talk about Goku multiplying his power by 100x. That would surely be Goku breaking his limits. Now, I’m not saying Goku will go Kaio-ken x100, because that would endanger his life greatly. He just won’t last long that way, even though he’s done it in a Non-Canon movie against Lord Slug. But, if Goku is wedged between winning, and seeing his Universe destroyed, I doubt he’ll have any choice but to attempt it.


The Origin of The Gods in Dragon Ball Super

The Gods from Dragon Ball Super all seem to be extremely powerful. They’re beings with power that only few can match up to. The Gods in Dragon Ball may seem to be Immortal and invincible, however, that probably wasn’t always the case. In fact, I believe many Gods from Dragon Ball Super started off as mortals. However, they weren’t just any mortals. They were the best of the pack, just like Goku and Vegeta are.

Being the best, they grew more powerful than the others, and their power grew at an amazing rate. When their power reached the highest point, i believe it is possible that they were promoted to the status of a God


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Otherwise, they started off as mortals. All the Gods come from a race of mortals, who are the promoted. Of course, this greatly depends on how much effort one puts into it. You could see how Goku and Vegeta are being trained by Whis.

It is clear indication that there is more to this than just training. Whis might as well just want them to replace Beerus as the God of Destruction sometime in the future. But, right now, they’re not even powerful enough to put up a challenge up to Beerus, so they still have ways to go


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So how exactly do they get promoted to God Status? Well, that’s the interesting part. I believe that the Tournament of Power is what picks the Gods. We have this huge Tournament, that had people and universes getting erased left right and cent….


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